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Best Covers: Ibibio Sound Machine ‘A Forest’

The London based Ibibio Sound Machine specializes in a heady, intoxicating afro funk that redefines world music and gives it a fresh twist. Their record, Eyio, is a four song EP that features three fine originals an impressive, out of this world cover of The Cure‘s classic song, “A Forest.” It’s probably one of the finest covers of a Robert Smith song you’ll ever hear, one that leaves you wanting to hear it again and again and again, thanks in part to the band’s groove and the gorgeous vocals of Eno Williams.

Divus Julius presents…Ibibio Sound Machine

Ibibio Sound Machine released their debut release through Soundway Records five years ago. Fronted by British / Nigerian vocalist Eno Williams, they combine elements of West African highlife, disco, post-punk & psychedelic electro soul. From the banging sub-bass of ‘Lets Dance’ to the spiritual, gospel-tinged notes of the album’s opening track ‘Voice of the Bird’, the band have turned in a dynamic and, at times, beautiful take on modern afro-soul music. Folk stories, recounted to Eno by her family as a child in her mother’s South-Eastern Nigerian Ibibio language form the creative lyrical fabric of the album. A large dose of electronic elements and an approach as influenced by their hometown of London as much as by West Africa, give the vocals and guitar lines space to breath without being overwhelmed.

El Dia Europeu de la Música

El Fnac s’uneix al Dia Europeu de la Música amb la celebració d’una gran tarda musical a la Plaça de les Glòries gratuïta i oberta a tothom. Un triple cartell encapçalat pel directe dels escocesos Young Fathers (22 h), trio de diferents procedències a qui s’ha comparat amb Massive Attack per la seva capacitat de conjurar un so propi i multicultural i on se senten arrels africanes, hip-hop alternatiu i electrònica amb sensibilitat pop. Abans veurem als londinencs Ibibio Sound Machine (20.30 h) i la seva explosió de ritme i color que uneix la música africana i electrònica amb el funk, el disc i el post-punk i l’electro; i al duo format per Rosalía i Raül Refree (19.30 h), que presentaran ‘Los Angeles’ (2017), un dels discos de l’any, en el qual ofereixen una proposta que barreja la tradició flamenca amb l’experimentació.