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Best Covers: Her “A Change Is Gonna Come”

We were introduced to French duo Her a while back for their minimal, romantic, ethereal debut EP, and we were blown away by their impressive mood-setting sound. Now, they are returning to us with a cover of Sam Cooke’s “A Change Is Gonna Come”, and, although completely different from what we have previously heard from them, it is equally—if not more—impressive. The vocals found within are beyond any descriptions we can come up with, and the range displayed is absolutely incredible. With deftly arranged, primitive-sounding production also to boot, what we are left with is a stunning, emotional, throwback-sounding song bound to bring nostalgia to many. The track was somewhat of an unexpected surprise, and although it doesn’t signify any future material from the two, they’ve definitely proved to us the how versatile their sound can be.

Best Covers: José González “Teardrop”

Il Dottore, el nostre cirugià musical ens duu aquesta setmana una preciosa versió. José González versionà els Massive Attack  en el seu segon àlbum In Our Nature. Teardrop fou publicada a  Europa, el 12 de novembre de 2007. La cançó original es troba en un dels grans discs dels Massive Attack, “Mezzanine”. El cantautor suec porta la cançó totalment el seu terreny dotant-la d’un aroma assossegat i una pulsió hipnòtica.