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Music by Bergman: STRABE

The London-based duo, comprised of Emmet and Angelia, savour simplicity in a euphoric re-introduction to their music that captures the sentiment of post-lockdown life.

Following the immense viral success of “Best First Year”, a spookily prophetic single released on the cliff edge of normality in 2019, STRABE re-emerge with “Life On Pause”. Their first release this decade, it’s a melancholy-tinged reflection of the fleeting experience of youth, that sees the band subvert the notion of living fast, instead seeking to scavenge for beauty in the mundanity.

Divus Julius presents: The Big Pink

The Big Pink are an indie electronic rock band from London, England, UK. Their sound features heavy incorporation of shoegaze and noise pop elements, and also exerts a dualistic nature, pairing commercial pop with experimental tendencies (a style earning them comparisons to acts like M83 and School of Seven Bells)

Over the past couple months, The Big Pink have revved up again with new singles “No Angels” and “Love Spins On Its Axis.” Now, the UK group is announcing its first album in a decade, The Love That’s Ours, which is out in October. 

Music by Bergman: El Mató a un Policía Motorizado

 The psycho-sweet rock of the Argentines is already a canon: of the indie in which Spanish does not sound like a strange import, of discordant pop as one of the fine arts, of the composition of songs as a sentimental unburdening without cheap exhibitionism. If their last album was called The Other Dimension it is because EMAUPM are clearly so exceptional that they could never belong to this one.

Introducing…Beach Bunny

Beach Bunny is a Chicago-based indie pop band founded by Lili Trifilio in 2015. Initially Trifilio’s solo project and stage name, she expanded the project to a full four-piece band in 2017,

Chicago’s Beach Bunny have released their sophomore album, Emotional Creature. So far, the indie-pop cover stars have shared lead single “Oxygen,” “Fire Escape,” “Karate” (with a video featuring a cameo from Bob Odenkirk), and now they’re back with another new single and video: “Entropy.”

Hit of The Week: Been Stellar ‘Manhattan Youth’

Been Stellar is what you get when you leave the youth alone in a metropolis; they grow up. They make noise. Their songs are formed and lived somewhere on Broadway, on Hester, on 34th, in Union Square, on the bridge, in the gutter, and under your shoe.

Ahead of the release of their self-titled EP on 12th August via So Young Records, New York’s Been Stellar are sharing new single ‘Manhattan Youth’.

Music by Bergman: Stray Fossa

Comprised of brothers, Nick and Will Evans and Zach Blount, the trio draw on a mixed musical inspiration absorbed from parents’ record collections.   Atmospheric and hypnotic vocal harmonies flow seamlessly over alt-rock riffs and electronic samples giving their sound a natural drive. The bands ambient bass and guitar layering with shimmering vocal washes to craft songs that hover somewhere between modern garage and indie pop with a varnish of nostalgia for what hit the airwaves in the 60s and 70s.