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4Ever Songs: INXS ‘Need You Tonight’

Created mere months after the Roland TR-707’s 1985 debut, “Need You Tonight” was a massive smash. It hit number one on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1987 and two on the UK Singles Chart the same year. Sampled within an inch of its life, it’s as indelible a pop song as any ever released. Somehow “Need You Tonight” keeps bouncing back and still hits as hard as it did on its initial release.

In fact, the track, which was the initial single off the band’s record, Kick, has an ageless appeal. When an INXS documentary came out in 2014, the immortal track charted once again in Australia from download sales alone. 

Best Covers: The National “Never Tear Us Apart”

The National has released a cover of the INXS hit “Never Tear Us Apart,” recorded for an upcoming charity album benefiting the ongoing Australia bushfire relief efforts.

Titled Songs for Australia, the compilation was curated by Julia Stone, one half of the Australia indie folk duo Angus & Julia Stone.

Hit of the week: Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds ‘Black Star Dancing’

Noel Gallagher, it seems, was not content to let his brother Liam Gallagher get all the solo record glory and has announced his newest EP. He’s gone as far as to share the EP’s title track to whet your appetite. But it’s nothing like you’d expect.

The track is a space-tinged groove which has more in common with EDM than Britpop and will see Noel move into a new sphere. He opened up about some of his influences for the record “It manages to combine the influences of David Bowie, INXS, U2, Queen, Indeep and ZZ Top!,” said the former Oasis leading man.

Atzucac: Deerhunter: “Snakeskin”

Deerhunter, la banda liderada pel carismàtic Bradford Cox ha anunciat que el proper 16 d’octubre editarà el seu esperat setè àlbum sota el nom de “Fading Frontier”.  Divus Julius Bonasera ha triat com atzucac d’aquesta setmana el primer single extret del futur àlbum: “Snakeskin”. Cox ha declarat que aquest seria l’àlbum més complex, però a la vegada accessible i que el seu so s’emmirallarà amb el d’INXS.  De moment, aquest primer tall no té res a veure amb el so del seu darrer disc “Monomania”. És ballable i amb certes dosis de funk.