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The muses of La Musa: Gaye Su Akyol

Born and raised in Istanbul, Gaye Su Akyol is well aware of the city’s clichéd position of being where East meets West, and she uses that cultural inflection point to her advantage when it comes to adopting the symbol of the dragon. 

 Her music is steeped in the classical Turkish music she grew to love through her mother and grandmother, the Turkish pop and jazz favoured by her dad, and the Anatolian psychedelia that her uncle was a fan of. But what sets Akyol apart from others is her willingness – her insistence, even – to shock people out of their comfort zones.

Music by Bergman: The Away Days

Mestre Bergman travelled to Turkey to discover a new band. Istanbul band The Away Days released two singles from their debut album (due out in 2017) earlier this year, along with playing their first European headline tour. It’s dream pop that draws influences from India and the far east as well as the likes of Joy Division, The Smiths and the La’s, and has attracted support from Savages, Belle & Sebastian, and Everything Everything.