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Delaporte is a Spanish and Italian electronic music band based in Madrid, created by Sandra Delaporte and Sergio Salvi. Both of them come form a strong background in Madrid’s funk, soul, R&B, and jazz scenes, an together they’ve decided to carve out their own path in the music world. After launching a few covers in Youtube, they were ready to unleash their own style,  which encompasses sonic flavors from Bomba Estéreo and Nicola Cruz, to Jamie XX and Charli XCX. This year they’ve released their debut album: Como anoche. Tonight in concert at Sala Apolo.

Introducing…Jungle by Night

The Dutch group Jungle by Night blends, in an exciting manner, the influences of krautrock, dance, jazz, afrobeat and pop. Known for their danceable, powerful, energetic and contagious live performances, this young group of nine musicians present Livingstone, their fifth album released by the prestigious Rush Hour Records, in which their afrobeat is close to synthesizers.

Woody Allen & His New Orleans Jazz Band

De ‘Broadway Danny Rose’ a ‘Match Point’, una obsessió recorre l’obra del cineasta que millor ha retratat Nova York: la música. Woody Allen deixa anar al seu amor pel jazz clàssic i a la seva passió pel clarinet al capdavant de la New Orleans Jazz Band en els seus concerts arreu del món. La formació musical del cineasta novaiorquès estrena la programació de la primera edició del Suite Festival aquesta nit a l’escenari del Gran Teatre del Liceu amb un repertori centrat en temes del millor jazz internacional, alguns d’ells molt vinculats a les seves pel·lícules.