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Music by Bergman: Jónsi

Jón “Jónsi” Þór Birgisson is an exceptional musician, whose signature move is playing guitar with a cello bow. Often praised as an otherworldly angel, Jónsi in fact does strike a lot like one because of his angelic falsetto voice.

Jónsi is the front man of the Icelandic post rock band Sigur Rós whose music has achieved a jaw dropping success. Jónsi has been involved in many music projects since the creation of Sigur Rós in 1992. 7 albums on his hand, collaborations with the movie industry resulting in several movie soundtracks, collaborations with his long term boyfriend Alex, as well as solo performances.

Jónsi returns with a new video for his single, “Swill.” “Swill” follows the release of “Exhale,” which he dropped in April. And the two songs are part of his first album in a decade, Shiver, set to release on Oct. 2 via Krunk. The record includes vocal contributions from Robyn and Liz Fraser of the Cocteau Twins. PC Music founder A.G. Cook headed production.

The muses of La Musa: Julianna Barwick

Born in Louisiana, Julianna Barwick took her first steps into the world of music as part of a church choir, a fundamental fact since her tracks integrate her own vocal recordings into the loops that she creates. Barwick self-produced her first album, ‘Sanguine’, in 2006, in which improvisation, overdubs and vocal percussions began to define a style that she has continued to evolve.

This was followed by ‘The Magic Place’ and ‘Nepenthe’, always self-produced. But it was ‘Will’ (Dead Oceans, 2016), a piece that she will perform live at MIRA 2017 along with a visual set, which cemented her image as an electronic idol thanks to its production and to its immersive and atmospheric elements, full of soft synth sounds, loops and vocals that define her musical exploration.

Julianna Barwick has teamed up with Jónsi for her new single ‘In Light’, which arrives with a gorgeous visual from Joel Kazuo Knoernschild.