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Ville à Dômat #269: ‘Everlasting Songs’

Acomiadem aquest any amb la millor música del Planeta Terra. Amb la música que no escoltaràs a cap altra emisora. Divus Julius Bonasera estrena el més nou de Mumford & Sons, Kaytranada, San Cisco, Of Monster and Men, MGMT o Travis. Presentem a nous artistes com Blossom Caldarone, Do Nothing, Wwoman, Far Caspian o Haai. També punxarem el més nou de la musa del proper Vida Festival: Angel Olsen. Tornem després de festes!

Dijous/ Thursday 22h/ 10PM  100.5FM ràdio Ciutat Vella

Ville à Dômat: Everlasting Songs


Music by Bergman: Kaytranada 

It’s hard to believe that more than 5 years have passed since Kaytranada first changed things up with his edit of Janet Jackson’s ‘If’. In that time the Canadian-Haitian producer born Louis Kevin Celestin, has gone from Soundcloud to the starry heights of the US hip hop and R&B A-list. Thanks to his indiscutable talent, and a unique way with drum sounds, Kaytra is now the go-to producer for tracks that carry soul while smashing it on the dancefloor.

2019 sees Kaytranada build on the glow up of 99.9%, returning to the international stage with an as yet untitled LP, which will refine and update his signature blend of off-beat drums, machine funk and world-beat samples. Kaytranada has let loose a new song called “Dysfunctional”, a collaboration with Nigerian-American R&B sister duo VanJess,

Music by Bergman: Masego

He was born in Jamaica, like his father, but it was in the USA, where his mother lives, that this South African-named artist grew up (masego means ‘blessing’ in Tswana). We could also say that he was born in YouTube, which is where Micah Davis, his real name, debuted as a musician by uploading videos – as much as 10,000 hours’ worth – where he added sax and keyboards with urban-music beats and futurist house pilfered from SoundCloud and recreated with a drum machine. He seems to have done it initially to impress a girl but he ended up grabbing the attention of producers such as Kaytranada, Sounwave and Jazzy Jeff. His debut album, Loose Thoughts (2016), his EP The Pink Polo (2016) and a couple of singles he released in 2017 have been listened to dozens of millions of times. He refers to his music as trap house jazz.

Music by Bergman: River Tiber

As River Tiber, singer/beatmaker Tommy Paxton-Beesley is unafraid to push his love for R&B and hip hop production into unusual places: pitching his vocals to sound like Mariah Carey, multitracking his voice into a dozen ghost choruses, and narrowing the gap in the soul spectrum between Jodeci and Flying Lotus. His early years have already put him into close working contact with Toronto peers like jazz-funk iconoclasts BadBadNotGood (he did overdubs on their 2014 album III and 2015’s Ghostface collaboration Sour Soul), while previous releases like 2013’s The Star Falls EP have shown just how starkly his blend of R&B and bass music stands on its own. River Tiber took his chops to the next level through collaborations with Pusha T and Kaytranada as well as appearing on Drake’s If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, all ahead of his debut album release, Indigo, in June 2016. This next friday at Sónar.