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4Ever Songs: Foxy ‘Get Off’

Four of the five members of the group left Cuba and arrived in Miami in 1959. Percussionist Richie Puente is the son of Tito Puente. When KC & The Sunshine Band were on tour, Foxy became the house band for Miami’s TK Productions.

Foxy lead singer Ish Ledesma has a rather lengthy video on YouTube where he goes into detail about the origins of “Get Off.” He claims it was on the west coast, up in northern Califnrnia where he and his band were performing in some small club. They started doing the “Ooh-wah ooh-wah” chants and the club owner absolutely hated them and threatened to “Throw the band into the bay” if they kept doing it. So Ish, out of spite and anger, came up with “Get Off” as a way to get back at the owner. The rest of the band didn’t want to perform it, knowing already that it would cause trouble, but they went ahead and performed it anyway. And sure enough, the club owner had the performance stopped in mid-song, and had the band thrown out of his club. A few months later, the “revenge” song was burning up the charts.

4Ever songs: KC & The Sunshine Band “I’m Your Boogie Man”

In the 1970s, at the height of disco fever, the Florida group KC And The Sunshine Band were one of the biggest acts in the world with five No 1 singles. One of them: “I’m Your Boogie Man,”

According to KC & The Sunshine Band’s “I’m Your Boogie Man,” the Miami group’s fourth #1 hit, the boogie man is a funky guy who likes to have sex and who is willing to show up and have sex with you whenever you feel like having sex, not a monster.

The Sunshine Band had always made music for clubs, and “I’m Your Boogie Man” fits in perfectly well with what they were doing. In general, disco didn’t control the charts in 1977 the way it had done a year earlier. If not for Saturday Night Fever coming out and becoming a cultural phenomenon at the end of the year, disco might have run its course. A lot of 1977’s hits flirted with disco sonics, but none of them did so as boldly and unashamedly as “I’m Your Boogie Man.” But “Boogie Man” hit anyway. It’s a colossal groove of a song.