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Music by Bergman: Squid

A quintet formed in the seaside town of Brighton, Squid is one of London’s many promising post-punk bands. With a manic and raucous drive, they have shared the stage with groups such as Black MIDI and Black Country, New Road. Their sound not only includes traditional rock instrumentation but percussion and horns as well. This may seem out of place in post-punk.

Squid‘s nervy debut blazes through scraps of jazz, funk, krautrock, dub, and punk. More than a canonized style, it’s their level of control that sets them apart.


SPARKLING from Cologne, Germany was formed by brothers Leon and Levin Krasel, joined by their friend Luca Schüten on Bass. Shows all around Europe made them write their multilingual debut album „I Want to See Everything“, released in August 2019, that features languages German, English and French.

Hailing from a city that birthed the likes of Krautrock, and with LCD Soundsystem’s Al Doyle and Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard on production reins for their upcoming EPThis Is My Life / Das Ist Mein Leben / C ́est Ma Vie’ 

Introducing…Jungle by Night

The Dutch group Jungle by Night blends, in an exciting manner, the influences of krautrock, dance, jazz, afrobeat and pop. Known for their danceable, powerful, energetic and contagious live performances, this young group of nine musicians present Livingstone, their fifth album released by the prestigious Rush Hour Records, in which their afrobeat is close to synthesizers.

Lower Dens fugen del mal

La banda de Baltimore Lowers Dens torna amb el seu tercer àlbum, ‘Escape from evil’ (2015), treball en el qual emergeix Jana Hunter de forma cerebral i incorruptible, amb la veu clara que la caracteritza, posicionant al centre de l’escenari i intensificant a la banda amb la seva figura. El debut de Lower Dens el 2010, ‘Twin-Hand Movement’ va ser una evolució de brillants guitarres i fosca emotivitat, mentre que la seva segona entrega el 2012, ‘Nootropics’ contenia un himne a les bandes krautrock de l’època. Aquest tercer disc marca el començament d’una nova era per a la banda, un pas endavant liderat per una vocalista que no havíem conegut fins ara. Avui a La2 de l’Apolo i com a teloners els catalans Her Little Donkey.