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Divus Julius presents… Fantastic Negrito

Torna a Barcelona la revisió del clàssic blues del Delta ampliada amb contemporani soul i funk de la mà del nord-americà Fantastic Negrito, que arriba a la [2] per presentar el seu nou disc, ‘Please don’t be dead’ (2018), que arriba després del seu premiat ‘The last days of Oakland’ (2016), guanyador del Grammy al millor disc de blues contemporani. Tonight at La2.

Divus Julius presents…Black Lips

Black Lips will play tonight at La2 their last  full-length entitled, Satan’s Grafitti or God’s Art? The album marks the return of guitarist Jack Hines, who was reenlisted following the departure of Ian St. Pé shortly after the release of Underneath the Rainbow. Back with the band for the first time since 2004, Hines joins other new additions Oakley Munson (drums, replacing Joe Bradely) and Zumi Rosow (saxophone). Satan’s Grafitti or God’s Art? spans 18 tracks and features guest vocals by Lennon’s mother, Yoko Ono. Contributions also come from Saul Adamczewski of experimental British rockers Fat White Family.

Girl Band, el soroll perfecte

Des de 2011, aquesta banda irlandesa de noise rock composta per Dara Kiely, Alan Duggan, Daniel Fox i Adam Faulker, ha girat per Europa i els Estats Units on han estat aclamats per la crítica i el públic. Defensaran el seu disc de debut, ‘Holding hands with Jamie’ (2015), amb el seu entregat, sorollós, intens i enèrgic directe. Avui a La2.


Fear of Nothing

Philadelphia band Nothing are in Barcelona to present their second album, ‘Tired of Tomorrow’ (2016), which has a much more sunny and pop sound than their 2014 debut, ‘Guilty of Everything’, but where they still show off their powerful and dark lyrics. On the same bill are British band Fear of Men, who are a bit more electronic and also presenting their second album, entitled ‘Fall Forever’ (2016). Tonight at La2.