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Divus Julius presents… serpentwithfeet

Everything started with Blonde: Frank Ocean proved, crystal clear, that thunderous bass was not necessary –sometimes even no bass was necessary– to make a R&B record bursting with rhythm, depth and punch. Softer, deeper. Many students applied at the school of Blonde, but none has been so outstanding as the American artist serpentwithfeet with his debut. With soil, his first record, Josiah Wise offers himself to the audience through his voice. It’s powerful, polyhedral, penetrating, silky; it wraps itself around you like a python to finally whisper in your ear. With this voice and the subtle incredibly modern and textured electronic bases by Clams Casino and Katie Gately, serpentwithfeet remains true to his commitment to free love (and break up) that represents his debut: from the heart of the earth, from a whisper in a deep hole, but destined for the sky. Today in concert at  La2 of Apolo. Primavera Club.

Local Bands: Tversky

Miquel Serra and Xavier Paradís have temporarily moved away from their adventure with Boreals to give free reign to Tversky, a project named in honour of the Israeli neuroscientist Amos Tversky with which they move even closer to the dance floor, alternating between funk and house with a sound reminiscent of chillwave. Whilst waiting to release their first LP on the Catalan label Foehn, the band has already got people talking with “Time Warp”, an atmospheric galactic techno EP on DROK Records. Tonighh Primavera Club present them at La2.

Jambinai, l’indie coreà

Creadors d’alguns dels sons més innovadors de l’escena underground d’Àsia Oriental, Jambinai són un reconegut grup de post-rock format a Seül, Corea del Sud el 2009. Traslladant la música tradicional coreana a segle XXI, les impressionants composicions sonores de Jambinai es barregen amb fascinants sons del passat i elements del folk, metall i la música electrònica. Presentaran el seu segon disc, ‘Hermitage’ (2016), previst per al mes de juny. Avui a La2 d’Apolo.