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4Ever Songs: Led ZeppeliN ‘Whole Lotta Love’

Led Zeppelin’s ‘Whole Lotta Love’ is a track that would ultimately play a pivotal role in shaping the career of one of the most vital band’s of all time, allowing Zeppelin to become a stadium-filling group who would soundtrack rock music for years to come.

The legendary track took over a year to perfect with Jimmy Page initially coming up with the intuitive riff during the summer of 1968, a period of time when he was residing in his houseboat on the River Thames. Unfortunately, the riff didn’t find a home on their self-titled debut which was released the following January but, showing longevity, the glorious composition was eventually put to good use.

Divus Julius presents…Rival Sons

Jay Buchanan, Scott Holiday, Dave BesteandMichael Miley are the members of Rival Sons, a band founded in 2008 that has become one of the most outstanding bands on the Long Beach scene.

Inspired by the likes of Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Bad Company, the four piece captures the sound of classic blues rock with an extra dose of decibels, riffs, blunt percussions and Buchanan’s soaring vocals.

The band has released five albums to date—the latest being Hollow Bones (2016)—acclaimed by both the critics and the public. Their reputation in the international rock & roll circuit landed them opening shows for rock legends such as Aerosmith, Alice Cooper and AC/DC.

Rival Sons, els salvadors del rock

La banda de rock californiana Rival Sons presenta el seu cinquè disc, ‘Hollow bones’ (2016). Fundada el 2008, aquesta formació s’inspira en el rock amb tocs de blues de bandes consagrades com The Black Crowes o Led Zeppelin. Rival Sons ens tornen al temps en què l’ entussiasme pel rock and roll marcava la diferència….i ells han ressuscitat aquest  moment. Avui a la sala 2 de Razzmatazz. Estaran acompanyat per Imperial Jade,

Les versions d’il Dottore: Jeff Buckley “I Know It’s Over”

Il Dottore ens regala aquesta setmana una versió sorprenent, inesperada i emocionant. Ara fa quasi 20 anys Jeff Buckley morí ofegat i aquest proper 16 de març es publicarà un nou disc:  “You and I” preferentment de vesions. L’autor del lloat “Grace” versiona entre d’altres a Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin i fins a dues vegades a The Smiths. El nostre extravagant cirugià ha escollit la versió que fa de la cançó de The Smiths “I Know It’s Over”.