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Music by Bergman: Liars

Liars is an Experimental Electro/Rock band formed in 2000. Australian-born Angus Andrew is the founding and only constant member. Liars have always been a band that keeps fans guessing. Creating an aesthetic sound of punk meets electronica, their music has never been short of mesmerizing. Now with a new album The Apple Drop announced for an August release, they’ve shared the lead single “Sekwar” and a new video that adds a dark visual to pair with the music.

Favourite Gig: Preoccupations

Preoccupations (formerly Viet Cong), to the rescue of post-punk. Disturbing and profound both for their forms and for their lyrics, Preoccupations await you in Barcelona today at La [2] of Apolo. They are a project that you should listen to almost by obligation. For fans of Savages, Clinic, This Heat, Liars, Deerhoof, Sebadoh, Echo & The Bunnymen or Pavement. We go back even further to see the flavors of bands from the 80s like Joy Division, The Church, or The Fall. They pick up their sober and dark style and place it today.

Local Bands: It’s not not

La formació de punk-rock ballable d’aires new-wavers que formen Joel (Dies irae), Raúl (Tokyo Sex Destruction, Lost Tapes), Piti (Standstill, Catarata), i ara Eric Fuentes (The Unfinished Sympathy) torna nou anys després del seu últim disc per presentar el seu nou llarg, ‘Fool the wise’ (2016). Aquesta nit tocaran a la sala BeGood i seran al proper Primavera Sound.