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Music by Bergman: Masego

He was born in Jamaica, like his father, but it was in the USA, where his mother lives, that this South African-named artist grew up (masego means ‘blessing’ in Tswana). We could also say that he was born in YouTube, which is where Micah Davis, his real name, debuted as a musician by uploading videos – as much as 10,000 hours’ worth – where he added sax and keyboards with urban-music beats and futurist house pilfered from SoundCloud and recreated with a drum machine. He seems to have done it initially to impress a girl but he ended up grabbing the attention of producers such as Kaytranada, Sounwave and Jazzy Jeff. His debut album, Loose Thoughts (2016), his EP The Pink Polo (2016) and a couple of singles he released in 2017 have been listened to dozens of millions of times. He refers to his music as trap house jazz.