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Introducing…For Those I Love

On the surface, David Balfe’s ‘For Those I Love‘ project has a simple, harrowing story: an album made to process the grief Balfe experienced when his best friend (and his bandmate in punk band Burnt Out) Paul Curran committed suicide, mere days before they were due to finish the album they’d been working on. Yet listen closer and that story disintegrates, tessellating into dozens of smaller stories: fragments of anecdotes, snapshots of memories, snatches of shared experience… The moments from which the silent bonds of the closest male friendships are forged. Balfe’s soft, stream-of-consciousness delivery might bring to mind Mike Skinner’s The Streets – or more pointedly, Arab Strap’s Aidan Moffat – but his romanticism is of a darker note, which is matched by the production. Glossy, airy, and shimmering, it’s a potent cocktail of nostalgia and melancholy distilled into electronic form. 

Divus Julius presents: The Streets

Mike Skinner’s The Streets gave British rap a voice of its own and changed the course of pop music. 

The Streets are back. The UK rap project, led by Mike Skinner, have returned with a new Tame Impala collaboration called “Call My Phone Thinking I’m Doing Nothing Better.” It’s the first song to be released from Skinner’s forthcoming mixtape None of Us Are Getting Out of This Life Alive—out July 10 via Island. The tape marks The Streets’ first full-length since 2011’s Computers and Blues.

Hit of the week: Formation ‘Powerful People’

Formation have announced debut album “Look at the powerfull people” The LP, which boasts already revealed tracks such as ‘Pleasure’ and ‘Drugs’ in the 10-track mix, is set to land on March 3rd and is set to be packed full of the soulful, powerful and infectious grooves that have already had us swooning for a while now.

They’ve also unveiled the official video for ‘Powerful People’, directed by The Streets’ very own Mike Skinner and full of enough motorcycles to make a Moto GP race look like a leisurely drive around town.