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Best Covers: Guy Gerber & Desire ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’

Desire is a Canadian electronic music band from Montreal, formed in 2009. The band consists of vocalist Megan Louise and producer Johnny Jewel (a former member of Chromatics and Glass Candy). They covered Kylie Minogue’s hit Can’t Get You Out Of My Head with Guy Gerber.

The muses of La Musa: DEBBY FRIDAY

Born in Nigeria, raised in Montreal, and now based in Vancouver, DEBBY FRIDAY’s work spans the spectrum of the audio-visual, resisting categorizations of genre and artistic discipline. She is at once sound theorist and musician, composer and performer, video artist, poet and PUNK GOD. Debby got her start in music as an internationally touring DJ known for her daring, idiosyncratic sets, opening for both Mykki Blanco and Princess Nokia. In March 2018, she released her first self-produced EP, titled BITCHPUNK, to reverberating underground acclaim. Her new album is GOOD LUCK.

Introducing…Sorry Girls

Sorry Girls have danced out of the darkness into the light. Since forming in 2015, the Montreal duo of Heather Foster Kirkpatrick and Dylan Konrad Obront have transformed an eerie, dreamlike sound into lush, pleasure seeking pop. Expanding upon their debut album, Deborah, the band’s deftly arranged sophomore LP Bravo! sings to the back rows of the stadium, drawing listeners inward with a newfound focus on personal lyric.

Sorry Girls will release their new album Bravo! on June 2 via Arbutus Records. Now they are sharing their new single and video ‘Prettier Things’.

The muses of La Musa: Ellyn Woods

Ellyn Woods is a multi-disciplinary artist currently based in Montréal. Her art and music are a direct reflection of her love for nature and all things organic.
Her gentle indie-folk EP, Sound of Home, was independently released in June 2017. Since 2015, she has worked closely with Montréal duo Sterling Grove, releasing several singles including “Sound of Home”, “La Vigie”, & “In the Backyard”. In 2019, she travelled to northern Québec to record an album with them, which was released in 2020. She has released her debut album in 2020, which delivers dreamy pop vocals & electronic beats.

The muses of La Musa: Ada Lea

Montreal-based singer/songwriter Alexandra Levy (aka Ada Lea) takes an introspective approach to lyrics, although she often backs them up with crunchy guitars and odd synths.  She signed on with Saddle Creek and released a steady clip of albums and EPs such as her 2021 effort One Hand on the Steering Wheel the Other Sewing a Garden. Ada Lea played in various projects around Montreal while also working on solo songs. In addition to being a musician, Lea is a painter and visual artist. The inspiration for her debut album, 2019’s What We Say in Private, came after a significant breakup, whereupon she immersed herself in her painting for 180 days; she ruminated on her feelings and wrote them in a journal, which she drew from when writing the album.

Divus Julius presents: Yves Jarvis

Montreal’s Yves Jarvis has announced his third album, titled Sundry Rock Song Stock. The album will be released digitally on September 25 and on vinyl on November 13. Alongside the announcement, he’s also sharing new track ‘For Props’ with its accompanying video.

On Sundry Rock Song Stock, Yves Jarvis continues to refine his creative approach to the core of his being, where music and life intertwine in harmonious fashion. His latest album fuses genre elements into a symbiotic relationship where wistful folk, tender R&B, pastoral prog, and musique concrète experiments feed into one another to grow lush new forms. Though he maintains an air of mystery with his lyrics, Jarvis’s whisper-soft words can be interpreted as both deeply personal and politically motivated in ways we haven’t heard from him before.