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The muses of La Musa: Moor Mother

Usual suspect on the Philadelphia music scene and socio-political activist in the city for over a decade, Camae Ayewa channels all that she has learnt from previous projects such as the Mighty Paradocs into Moor Mother, presenting a explosion of sound that rubs salt into the wounds of segregation. From the intense sessions of improvisation in her home studio, the artist created the confrontational songs of her celebrated latest album, Fetish Bones (2016) which are somewhere between noise and jazz and on which she used an overwhelming display of analog noise makers and field recordings. Tracks such as the monumental Deadbeat Protest seem to transport the listener right into the midst of a violent revolt.

Primavera Club 2017

In the face of uncertainty: music. Primavera Club celebrates live music and does so from its strongest vantage point: the future. Over three days, from Friday 20th to Sunday 22nd October, more than 40 artists will perform on the stages of several venues in Barcelona and Madrid during the festival of musical discoveries Primavera Club.

For the first time and on our stages you will be able to see artists including Amber Coffman (ex Dirty Projectors), Superorganism (who according to the predictions of the British press, are set to be a favourite at festival season 2018), Yellow Days, the unapologetic Starcrawler, Moor Mother, Intana, Smerz, Medalla and Gabriel Garzón-Montano, all whom step by step are laying claim to their place on the future scene. Although, as at every edition, the real revelations will come when least expected.

In Barcelona the special attraction will be the chance to see the remodelled La [2] de Apolo for the first time, where some of the festival’s concerts will be held only a few days before its official inauguration. Also, for the second consecutive year the Centre Cultural Albareda will host the free weekend daytime concerts, which will include concerts by artists from here (Marina Herlop, Cor Blanc) and there (Camila Fuchs, RAKTA)

Full festival tickets for Primavera Club 2017 are still on sale at 25€, while day tickets cost 15€. Let the music play!