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Best Covers: Snoop Dogg “Red Right Hand”

For five seasons now, Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds’ track “Red Right Hand” has served as the theme song for the UK period crime drama Peaky Blinders. PJ Harvey, Laura Marling, Iggy Pop and Jarvis Cocker, and more have also covered the song for the show. And now,  Snoop Dogg has too.

“By the order of the Peaky Blinders, this is ‘Red Right Hand,’ by Snoop Shelby,” Snoop Dogg says in the video for his cover before tipping his era-appropriate flat cap to the camera. Listen to Snoop’s take on the shadowy, half-spoken song and compare it to the original below.

Best Covers: PJ Harvey ‘Red Right Hand’

Music from the first five seasons of BBC crime drama Peaky Blinders will be collected in a new double album due out on November 15th.

Notably, the set marks the first-ever commercial release for PJ Harvey’s cover of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds’ “Red Right Hand”. The Bad Seeds’ original version has long served as the series’ theme, but in 2014 Harvey was commissioned to cover the song in an effort to make the series seem “less American.”

Primavera Sound 2018 #Thursday

It’s here! Thursday is the first full day of Primavera Sound 2018, with a line-up that, as we’ve come to expect, is extensive and impressive, and starts off with a bang on this day that features headliners such as everyone’s favourite Islandic avant-garde artist, Björk, with her latest album, ‘Utopia’ (2017), on which she collaborated with Arca, who you’ll also be able to catch at the festival; and elegance as music with Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, blasting out tracks from their emotional and a bit sad ‘Skeleton Tree’ (2016), which they’re performing for the first time in Barcelona. Also getting you moving between stages are Philadelphia band The War on Drugs, who, with ‘A Deeper Understanding’ (2017), have garnered as much praise as with their acclaimed previous album, ‘Lost in the Dream’ (2014), which had the international press kneeling at the feet of their classic rock; legendary band Sparks, that unclassifiable duo from Los Angeles made up of brothers Ron and Russel Mael, who present their 23rd album, ‘Hippopotamus’ (2017); the return of American hip hop artist Vince Staples; electronic and energetic pop from British trio Chvrches, with their much-anticipated new album, ‘Love Is Dead’ (2018); Fever Ray, a solo project for Swedish artist Karin Dreijer (The Knife), who’s also got a new album out, the contagious ‘Plunge’ (2017); electronica from Floating Points, also known as producer and doctor of neuroscience Sam Shepherd, performing live as well as a six-hour DJ set on Friday; Nils Frahm and his experimental electronica; the meloncholy of the all-women quartet Warpaint; iridescent psychedelic pop from New Zealanders Unknown Mortal Orchestra; and American artist Kelela, who impresses with her versatility and perfect adaptation to dominant trends in current electronica and pop.

Sa Majestat Nick Cave

L’elegant australià Nick Cave fa parada a Barcelona amb aquesta gira que fa sol però ben acompanyat per components dels seus habituals Bad Seeds Warren Ellis (guitarra, violí, mandolina i loops), Martyn Casey (baix), Thomas Wydler (bateria) i Barry Adamson (teclats i vibràfon). Un set list que repassa la llarga discografia de Nick Cave incloent una selecció de temes de ‘Push the sky away’ (2013), últim àlbum de Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds fins a la data. El 21 de maig a l’Auditori.

Nick Cave tocará a Barcelona el 21 de maig

Després d’haverr gaudit ara fa dos anys del directe de Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds en el Primavera Sound podem confirmar que el príncep de les melodies tenebroses tornarà al nostre país, aquest cop en solitari  la propera primavera de 2015. La cita serà el 21 de maig, a l’Auditori del Fòrum. En aquest concert vindrà acompanyat d’un seguici d’elit  integrat per Warren Ellis, Martyn Casey, Thomas Wydler i Barry Amadson. Les entrades ja es poden adquirir a través de ticketmaster. El preu oscilarà entre els €72 i €82.

Millors Discs: Nº 8. NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEES "Push The Sky Away"

L’australià ho ha tornat a fer. Ha parit un disc amb lletres majúscules. Un disc que sembla acaronar el cel anb les seves cançons lentes que teixeixen atmosferes elegants. La veu emocional d’un Nick Cave en estat de gràcia es fusiona amb sofisticades melodies pop i el lirisme poc pretenciós del textos. Totes les cançons són balades des de la inicial We No Who UR, passant per la sofisticació de Jubilee Street fins la més fosca Water’s Edge. Tot això acompanyat de la banda perfecta: The Bad Sees.