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The muses of La Musa: Charlotte Gainsbourg

Happy artists families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. Until Rest, this reference to a quote from Tolstoy had no relevance when talking about Charlotte Gainsbourg. Her childhood was blissfully free and very early on she demonstrated that she was a extremely talented actress and her solo records were marvellous pop caprices with illustrious Gainsbourgettes invited to collaborate: Beck, Jarvis Cocker, Air and Neil Hannon. Serge and Jane’s daughter did, however, cross the shadow line in 2013. The death of her sister Kate Barry undeniably influenced her music and four years later came Rest, an album of grief, which is on the same level as its counterparts by Nick Cave, Mount Eerie and Sufjan Stevens. If before Charlotte was already able to sublimate tragic beauty simply by pushing her fringe off her face with the back of her hand, the interpretation of this quasi R&B repertoire will certainly trigger the Stendhal syndrome in the audience.

The muses of La Musa: s a r a s a r a

A French producer/singer who shares a record label with Bjork:  s a r a s a r a is a coder who used to work for an apps company, so it’s no surprise to hear a robotic theme in her music. She sold her record collection so she could buy the right equipment to build her own style of experimental dance music, inspired by the likes of LFO, Nick Cave and Vanessa Paradis.

Les muses de La Musa: Aldous Harding

Aldous Harding has been linked to the sober balladism of Nick Cave and Scott, two names that this New Zealand artist seems to evoke in her songs that are charged with profound intensity and enveloped in infinite darkness. After introducing herself two years ago with a homonymous record, the singer is now seeking to confirm her status with “Party”, an album produced by Josh Parish that did not have much trouble finding its place among the exquisite records in the 4AD catalogue and which has been admired by artists including Lorde. She will playing at Primavera Sound.

Music by Bergman: Magnolia Shoals

One of the most promising bands in Denmark these days, Magnolia Shoals, released their debut album, “Tenants”. The compositions are balanced – the sad, melancholic vocals give them depth. Many Danish bands are masters at ‘melancholy’, but Magnolia Shoals manages to take it to a higher level by incorporating classical instruments like violin, cello and trumpet, mix it with lyrics filled with symbolism and trump it with baritone-voice, which is not really so many out there. Each song has so many layers created by classical instruments, as well as the highly delicate use of electronic tools, almost barely heard, yet present. The perfection of the whole is fulfilled by the lyrics.

The four Danes: Nicolai Noa (vocal), Thomas Halkier (bass), Kristian Lorenzen (drums) og Samuel Medina (guitar), have always tried to do things their way and with a pace that suits them and not surrender to hype and dive into the first offer served. If you’re a fan of The National, Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen, Sigur Ros and Tindersticks – then you’re already a fan of Magnolia Shoals!Tonight in concert at Antiga Fàbrica Damm of Barcelona


Music by Bergman: Alex Cameron

He moves like his compatriot Nick Cave and the press have called him a cross between Alan Vega and Ariel Pink, but the Australian Alex Cameron dodges all comparisons in order to create a strange and fascinating soundscape that takes a little from each of atmospheric electronic music, dark pop of the eighties and the least conventional crooners. The Sydney artist, accompanied by the saxophonist Roy Molloy, has just release “Jumping The Shark” on Secretly Canadian, a record with out-of-this-world arrangements with which Cameron at times evokes Suicide, Bruce Springsteen and at others Arcade Fire. This next Saturday at Primavera Club.

Sa Majestat Nick Cave

L’elegant australià Nick Cave fa parada a Barcelona amb aquesta gira que fa sol però ben acompanyat per components dels seus habituals Bad Seeds Warren Ellis (guitarra, violí, mandolina i loops), Martyn Casey (baix), Thomas Wydler (bateria) i Barry Adamson (teclats i vibràfon). Un set list que repassa la llarga discografia de Nick Cave incloent una selecció de temes de ‘Push the sky away’ (2013), últim àlbum de Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds fins a la data. El 21 de maig a l’Auditori.

L’In-Edit del dissabte 1

Divus Julius Bonasera i DJ Bassas us recomanen els documentals musicals de l’In-Edit d’avui:

20,000 Days on Earth

Tot és veritat i tot és mentida. Això és ficció amb els cantells trencats. Això és un documental amb màgia. 20,000 Days on Earth ens convida a passar 24 hores amb Nick Cave en el seu dia número vint mil sobre la Terra. Però és un dia impressionista en què, com en una pel·lícula de David Lynch, no saps mai quin terreny trepitges. En certs moments sembla In treatment, quan un Cave cellut conversa amb un psiquiatre sobre la mort del seu pare i els seus temors més profunds (perdre la memòria, perquè “la memòria és tot el que som”). Però de sobte és pur Mulholland Drive, amb el líder de The Bad Seeds conduint el seu Jaguar i xerrant amb Kylie Minogue o Ray Winstone. Aquestes presències fantasmals, aquests ens ectoplàsmics, entren i surten de pla com espectres del Nadal passat, després de conversar en profunditat sobre allò humà i allò diví amb el nostre home. Fins i tot quan les escenes traspuen quotidianitat (“M’aixeco, escric, menjo”) i observem l’australià veient televisió amb els seus fills, no sabem on comença la fantasia i acaba allò mundà. 20,000 Days on Earth és tot artifici. 20,000 Days on Earth és pura realitat. I està plena de música, art i reflexió existencial. Ningú no parla així, però alhora només Nick Cave podria parlar així. Quin dia tan bèstia.