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Local Bands: Ferenc

Fra Soler and Maxi Ruiz are the masterminds behind Ferenc, an impressive techno project that was born in 2003 with the hit ‘Yes Sir I Can Hardcore’. This success was followed by the excellent ‘Fraximal’ and ‘Zambomba’ (Kompakt,2008) before the duo then put the partnership on temporary hold. Fra is known for his longstanding residence at Nitsa and for performances in across the world, and Maxi has been part of the artistic cast for the Apollo group for several decades.
Finally breaking the silence after several years, the duo have  presented their new material at MIRA 2017 at the 3D Sound Room by SON Estrella Galicia, with a live performance in which the expert use of sophisticated arrangements, subtle sound selection and the elegant trademark references of both artists promise a world-class techno experience.

Local Bands: Marc Piñol

Periodista musical des de 1994 i Dj des de 1997, Marc Piñol va començar a punxar en el club barcelonés Nitsa al 1999 i hi va ser resident fins 2013. Ha estat nomenat millor DJ de l’any en diverses ocasions pels mitjans musicals més importants d’Espanya.

Piñol està ara involucrat amb Hivern Discs, segell de John Talabot, traient remixos i llençant les seves pròpies produccions. Després de diversos remixos (The XX, Populette & Remain, Fasenuova, David Shaw i The Beat, entre d’altres) ha editat un 12” a Hivern Discs sota el nom C.P.I. junt a Hugo Capablanca i recentment ha editat Clef.III, un 12” amb remescles del pròpi Capablanca i Alejandro Paz. Marc Piñol és el nostre “pardal” de la setmana.