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Divus Julius presents: Lori Meyers

Lori Meyers is a Spanish indie-rock band, from Loja, Granada (Spain). Its name is due to the song «Lori Meyers» of the American punk group NOFX that appears in their 1994 album Punk in Drublic. They were formed in early 1998.

Infinite Spaces is Lori Meyers’ seventh studio album . Produced in collaboration with James Bagshaw (Anni B Sweet) from Temples, with whom a creative bridge was created between Spain and England. A collection of 11 songs.

Local Bands: Malachi Estéreo

Malachi Estéreo arrived from the underworld of Barcelona with the mission of disturbing the establishment and leading the masses. Malachi is Rock, he’s tough, he’s a bullet in the balls and he’s bizarre. Go out and enjoy fucking. It is a group from Barcelona formed by Brown Fox, Albert Julve and Bob Gonzales.

His music is blunt mix of punk rock, funk, electronic and hip hop, Sampleadélicas, fun and fresh songs full of great beats, distorted guitars and lyrics vacilonas, tremendous themes loaded with electroide energy, rotund beats, funk rhythms and eighties synths perfect for make you poge and dance break on the sidewalks, rough and dirty throbbing punk attitude that fuses with disturbing samplers and incisive rhythms creating addictive hits of rave punk, direct, bastards and bizarre raw and visceral sound compositions that vomit electro punk rock pillions and they flirt with funk and house, a very interesting band that has dazzled us because of the quality of their proposal and their huge live show.

Among its influences can be groups like NOFX, Rage Againt The Machine, Coldcut, Jamiroquai, Cypress Hill, Beastie Boys, Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk, Aphex Twin …