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4Ever Songs: Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark ‘Enola Gay’

Enola Gay is a pop song by the British band Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (OMD), and addresses one of the darkest events in history – the Hiroshima bombing. It was written by Andy McCluskey, the band’s lead singer, and was released in 1980, as the only single from the album Organisation.

Enola Gay can be interpreted as an anti-war or anti-nuclear protest song, nonetheless, the most crucial underlying message is that such atrocious events should not be forgotten in our past – “Enola Gay, it shouldn’t fade in our dreams away”.


Favourite Gig: O.M.D.

Andy McCluskey (vocals and bass) and Paul Humphreys (keyboards) were only after one thing when they started Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark in 1978: to change the world. Punk was exploding in London, but on the outskirts of Liverpool, far from safety pins and tartan, the duo found their own way of rebelling, by swapping out guitars for sythensizers, travelling the motorway paved by Kraftwerk.

They didn’t trust success, but found it without looking with hits like ‘Enola Gay’ off their second album, ‘Organisation’ (1980) and ‘Souvenir’ and ‘Joan of Arc (Maid of Oreleans)’ from their third effort, ‘Architecture & Morality’ (1981). The experimental ‘Dazzle Ships’ (1983) was a commercial harakiri, and industry pressure pushed them to mass-produced pop. A half a dozen duds went out until the mid-90s when they disbanded. Back together in the mid-2000s, OMD now present their third LP from the band’s second era, ‘The Punishment of Luxury’ (2017).

Ville à Dômat #201:’C’est chic!’

Últim programa de l’any avui a les 19h al 100.5FM. Acomiadem el 2017 presentant-vos nous artistes i noves bandes com: Joan, Feet, Jadu Heart, King Nun, Haevn o The Marías. Estrenarem el més nou de MGMT, The Presets, Austra, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club,  Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark o Moby. Tota la millor música indie del món i molt més amb la companyia de Divus Julius Bonasera i el mestre Bergman.
Radio Ciutat Vella 100.5FM 19h Today
Ville à Dômat: C’est chic!

Ville à Dômat # 184: ‘Indiemaniacs’

Som Indiemaniacs i volem donar la benvinguda a l’estiu amb els millors petards del moment. Millors inclús que els de la revetlla de Sant Joan. El primer i més fort petard serà l’entrevista que farem a la gent d’un dels festivals que ens té robats el cor: Vida Festival. Estrenaramen un reguitzell de bons petards: el més nou de Wolf Alice, Queens of the Stone Age, The Killers, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark i Everything Everything.  Repassarem el nou disc de Gorillaz “Humanz” i descobrirem a noves bandes com ara Zola Blood o Pelicandy. També parlarem del concert de la setmana: Agnes Obel.  A més a més, tota la info sobre la Mostra Internacional Films de Dones i del Tangent, el Festival de les Arts de l’eixample.
Ville à Dômat: Indiemaniacs