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Divus Julius presents: Other Lives

Other Lives have released this yeart heir long-awaited new album For Their Love.  Following 2015’s RitualsFor Their Love is a ten-track collection that finds frontman Jesse Tabish displaying a more candid narrative both in general and on a more personal level.  It’s Other Lives most evocative, awestruck, and intimate record yet, invested with a new vein of poetic thought addressing the individual and society in these turbulent times.

Clearly Other Lives does not make music meant for background listening. The intent is far more serious and well, intellectual, but not in a pretentious way.

Divus Julius presents: Low Roar

Californian, Ryan Karazija started Low Roar when he moved to Reykavik, Iceland in 2010. It is easy to attribute his atmospheric music to Iceland. It immediately calls to mind the landscape feel as elicited by two of it’s most famous exports: Bjork and Sigur Ros. His eponymous 2011 debut, also showcased his delicate vocals, a cadence similar to Thom Yorke’s, that against the rich, cinematic background, found favor with fans of Radiohead; and bands inspired by them such as Other Lives.

 Two years after Once in a Long, Long While…,they have just released a new album called ross. Tomorrow in concert a Sala Sidecar.

Atzucac: Other Lives "Reconfiguration"

Després d’un meravellós primer disc, Tamer Animal, la banda de Stillwater ens ha sorprés a tots amb una nova cançó: ReconfigurationDivus Julius Bonaseral’ha convertit en l’atzucac d’aquesta setmana. Other Lives han anunciat nou disc el qual serà publicat el proper 4 de maig sota el nom de Rituals. Els americans segueixen mostren aquell to entre èpic i grandiloqüent, però menys clàssic i més evolucionat.