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The muses of La Musa: Maggie Rogers

Back in June, Pharrell launched the music career of NYU student and singer Maggie Rogers when a video of him reacting to her song “Alaska” went viral. Since then, the song has been played nearly 20 million times on Spotify alone.

Now Rogers has a video to go along with “Alaska.” Directed by Zia Anger, it features Rogers and a group of dancers as they twitch and spin through a dark woods. By the end of the song, the small party has grown to a full-on rager.

Rogers is still unsigned but says she’s working on an EP. In the meantime, she’s got two full-length albums, which she made in high school, available to hear on her Bandcamp.


U2, Pharrel Williams i Karen O opten a guanyar l’Oscar per la millor cançó

Hollywood ha fet ja les seves nominacions pels Oscars i entre aquestes hi trobem les millors cançons. Enguany hi trobem tres temes que destaquen per l’entitat dels seus artistes. 
Els irlandesos U2 opten al premi per “Ordinary Love”-una gran cançó- per la pel·lícula Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom.

L’extravagant cantant dels Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Karen O per “The Moon Song” de Her, la nova pel·lícula de Spike Jonze; i Pharrel Williams, la veu del Get Lucky de Daft Punk, pel seu èxit “Crazy” -Nº 1 a UK- per la pel·lícula Gru 2.

A més Win Butler d’Arcade Fire i Owen Pallett també han rebut una nominació a millor banda sonora pel seu treball a Her.