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Music by Bergman: Patrick Wolf

Patrick Wolf is an English singer-songwriter from South London. Patrick utilises a wide variety of instruments in his music, most commonly the ukulele, piano and viola. He is known for combining electronic sampling with classical instruments and his loyal fanbase, the Wolfpack. Wolf’s styles range from Electronic Pop to Baroque Chamber music.

Back in November, Patrick Wolf returned with his first new music in a decade, a single called “Enter The Day,” which is set to appear on an EP called The Night Safari, arriving April 14. Today, Wolf is back with another song from the EP called “Nowhere Game.”

The muses of La Musa: Adé

 Adé – former singer of the French pop group Thérapie Taxi – reveals a new universe that is away from the rhinestones, sequins and gold chains that marked the start of her musical career. She released her first solo album last september., So what ?. For this flight, she turned to popular sounds from the other side of the Atlantic: folk and country.

Music by Bergman: Priests

From Washington DC and on the legendary label Dischord, cradle of the most political hardcore, Priests are any rock lover’s dream: a wild and committed band able to concentrate the best lo-fi punk, pop, R&B and noise. An explosive cocktail that the quartet completes with combative lyrics about feminism, group dynamics and human relationships. All of this on their fantastic debut album, “Nothing Feels Natural”, with which the band takes a great leap forward after warming up with a couple of EPs and singles.