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Divus Julius presents: Editors

Marrying dark angular rock with a sharp pop sense, English band Editors emerged in the early 2000s as part of the post-punk revival that also included contemporaries Interpol, White Lies, and The Cinematics. Following their 2005 debut, The Back Room, they scored a pair of U.K. chart-toppers, including In This Light and on This Evening, which found the band incorporating more synth pop elements. They furthered that digital push on 2015’s In Dream, before striking a balance between rock and electronic with 2018’s Violence.

The band have dropped a new track, ‘Heart Attack’ – their first since 2019 and a debut for frequent collaborator Blanck Mass, who has joined as a full-time member.

Music by Bergman: Interpol

Almost 25 years after their formation, Interpol have survived everything. Post 9/11 New York that saw them emerge as the rock saviours of the 21st century, a debut album connected to the best memories of an entire generation, the post-punk revival that they spearheaded, the revival of that revival, their imitators, the parallel projects of their members and even themselves. At this point, Interpol have dodged so many bullets that they have earned the right to make their story theirs and no one else’s. But, above all, Paul Banks, Daniel Kessler and Sam Fogarino have earned the right to stretch that story as far and as long as they want: they will survive whatever comes next, and as a testimony they will give us new choruses that hurt and comfort at the same time.

Interpol have marked their return by sharing the cinematic video for new single ‘Toni’ and announcing details of their seventh album, ‘The Other Side of Make-Believe’.

The muses of La Musa: Automatic

Automatic – the Los Angeles post-punk trio of vocalist Izzy Glaudin, drummer Lola Dompé, and bassist Halle Saxon-Gaines – have announced their sophomore album. Excess is slated for release on June 24 via Stones Throw. Lead single ‘New Beginning’ is out now alongside a video directed by Ambar Navarro and inspired the Swedish sci-fi movie Aniara.

4Ever Songs: The Rapture “How Deep Is Your Love?

Once hailed by some writers as the second coming of Gang of Four, The Rapture were the flagship band of the post-punk revival that swept through the indie underground during the early 2000s.

The Rapture’s excellent gospel-disco rager “How Deep Is Your Love?” is the better part of a year old now, but its video, in which a dancing Indian In The Cupboard-sized Luke Jenner entertains a bunch of ladies at a tea party, is brand new. It is also ridiculous.

Music by Bergman: White Lies

Since 2008 White Lies have become one of the biggest cult guitar bands in operation, playing to thousands in countless cities around the globe.

In December 2019 White Lies celebrated the 10 Year Anniversary of their UK number 1 album ‘To Lose My Life’ with a sold-out European tour. Enraptured audiences were treated to a performance of the monumental record in its entirety, and a set of hits from the ever-evolving albums which followed, ‘Ritual’, ‘Big TV’, ‘Friends’, and 2019’s critically acclaimed ‘Five’.

White Lies now look to the future, and begin their sixth chapter by announcing the forthcoming album ‘As I Try Not To Fall Apart’ which is their most expansive record, taking in explosive rock, electro-pop bangers, prog-inspired invention, funk-tinged grooves and some of their most indelible hooks yet.