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Hit of the week: Beach House ‘Dark Spring’

Dream Pop duo Beach House have released a new video for the song “Dark Spring” a track taken off their upcoming7th album 7, which is set to be released via Sub Pop records on May 11th. The video, directed by Zia Anger is shot in stark black and white, with many of its shots and edits recalling classic film noir movies.

Musically speaking the song is a more uptempo affair, riding a bubbling synth line and an urgent drum pattern. As usual, the icy vocals of Victoria Legrand and the winding guitar work of Alex Scally take center stage, giving the song an epic sense of feel. They will visit Primavera Sound this next spring.


Music by Bergman: Iceage

The first three records by this post punk quartet from Copenhagen (Denmark) were unanimously acclaimed by audiences and the musical press. But Elias Bender Rønnenfelt, Dan Kjær Nielsen, Johan Suurballe Wieth and Jakob Tvilling Pless have waited patiently for four years to give shape to their fourth album, the first that was recorded all-analog: it is called Beyondless.  Iceage are deeper, more incisive, and more powerful. Beyondless sounds like the culmination of an unapologetic career, which started with the dark debut New Brigade in 2011 and from then on each album has brought glimmers of light into the cavern.

Divus Julius presents…Kero Kero Bonito

Is it possible to mix delirious Japanese musical imagination with British pop? Can your name combine an oriental expression (Kero Kero is Japanese frog onomatopoeia) and a random-but-kawaii word in Spanish? Is it sensible to combine j-pop, dancehall and video game music in the same sound? And to do it in London? Singing the verses in Japanese and the choruses in English, or vice versa? Is Sarah Midori Perry maybe the best name ever for a frontwoman? Is it advisable to wait for five years to publish your first record so that every track is a hit and so that it is received like a strawberry ice cream in mid-August? Is it possible to predict which will be the most fun concert of the festival? Kero Kero Bonito leave us in no doubt: it’s a huge “yes” to all of the above.

The muses of La Musa: HAIM

Want You Back – the opening song for their unexpected concert at three in the morning of the Saturday night on the magical Ray-Ban stage last year – said it all. That “Come on, Barcelona!” from Danielle when the stage was still in the dark, was heard even back in her native Los Angeles. Of course we wanted the return of HAIM, because the gift of that unexpected concert was too short-lived and because back then it was still more than a month before the release of Something To Tell You. And yes, the three Haim sisters really did have something to tell us, as confirmed by that album. A second album where they show the extent of their expertise in reinvigorating pop with country and R&B roots, blending their voices more softly than their flowing locks, and where they even open the door to experimentation. Danielle, Este and Alana, we’ll quote one of your other new songs: we are Ready For You!

Favourite Gig: Slowdive

Pioners del shoegaze als anys 90, els britànics Slowdive van decidir tornar a agafar els instruments el 2014 per actuar a Primavera Sound i demostrar per què han acabat sent una de les bandes més influents del gènere. Aquest retorn els fa ara passar per Barcelona per presentar el seu quart disc, ‘Slowdive’ (2017), el primer que editen després de ‘Pygmalion’ (1995). Aquesta nit a la sala Apolo.

The muses of La Musa: Fever Ray

H bombs fall on Wanna Sip. Synthesisers imitate the buzzing noise of the projectiles at the beginning of Cry Cry Cry (first record by Fever Ray in 8 years), but the only mass destruction weapon of mass destruction is Karin Dreijer’s voice. This Swedish artist had already chewed and spat out poison on The Knife’s last record, but the exorcism comes now: on every corner of this labyrinth one hears a disturbed and disturbing shriek, on every corner another minotaur to face and overcome. A political, feminist and sexual manifesto where pop goes hand in hand with unease.

Ville à Dômat #206: ‘Let’s Pop’

Every Monday let’s pop listening Ville à Dômat. Divus Julius Bonasera estrenarà punxarà a alguns dels artistes que seran el proper Primavera Sound: Sylvan Esso, Alex G, Charlotte Gainsbourg o Chvrches. Estrenarem el més nou de Django Django, Marmozets, Low Island, Hookworms, George FitzGerald o James Blake. A més us descobrirem a nous artistes com Caro Moa,ning, Llovers o Brigitte Laverne. Us informarem sobre diversos festivals i parlarem del llibre de Nick Cave “La mort de Bunny Munro.
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Ville à Dômat: Let’s pop!