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Music by Bergman: Rat Boy

After making waves with his debut album Scum and the seven-track Civil Disorder, Rat Boy has teamed up with Tim Armstrong for his new project Internationally Unknown.  Separated by 30 years of age and the Atlantic Ocean, Rat Boy and Armstrong sound like the very definition of an odd couple. But they immediately connected on their first phone call, through a shared love for mixing the visceral energy of punk with hip-hop beats. In many ways, it’s hardly surprising: both musicians share similar influences and often reflect on their upbringing in their lyrics. The pair met in Los Angeles and immediately captured three demos on their first day together, with members of The Interrupters backing them on bass and drums. Rat Boy has diverse influences which echo, at various points, The Clash, Beastie Boys, The Prodigy, Rebel MC, Green Day and Run DMC. Standout tracks include the title track which contrasts manic verses with an anthemic downtempo hook; the aggy street-punk rush of opening track Chip on my Shoulder. Tonight in concert at La Nau.

Ville à Dômat #231: ‘Sempre Inquiets’

Sempre inquiets. Divus Julius Bonasera estrenarà el més nou de Sundara Karma, Rat Boy, Julia Jacklin, Phosphorescent o The Ting Tings entre d’altres. Us descobrirem a nous artistes com Ider,  Duckwrth, Pizzagirl, Bad Sounds o Gently Tender. Acomiadarem a la banda indie finesa Satellite Stories i entrevistarem al músic i promotor britànic Michael O’Connor. A més tota la info sobre el 18è aniversari de la sala Razzmatazz i les primeres confirmacions del festival Warm Up Estrella de Levante
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Ville à Dômat: Sempre Inquiets

Hit of the week: Rat Boy ‘Knock Knock Pt. II’

Last month Rat Boy followed up his debut album ‘SCUM’ with a new seven-track project called ‘Civil Disorder.  Now he’s shared a new video for one of the mix’s tracks, ‘Knock Knock Pt. II’. Shot by Tommy Davis but edited and directed by Rat Boy, it combines some pretty incendiary clips from rehearsals mixed up with Jordan and his band zooming around the streets in a battered Volvo. Their music combines the sound of  early 80s American punk and 70s punk from the UK. with the production of the new hip-hop records.

Hit of the week: Rat Boy ‘Laidback’

Jordan Cardy, better known as Rat Boy, is releasing his long-awaited debut album ‘Scum’ in August and it’s set to depict the experiences of himself and his friends growing up disillusioned in suburban Essex.

Now, back in April he was calling for a ‘Revolution’ but on the latest cut from the upcoming record, he’s taking things a little bit more slowly, a bit more chilled. Well, by the standards of Rat Boy anyway. ‘Laidback’ is quite a mellow number for Jordan, and it features none other than Blur’s Graham Coxon (he recently guested at Rat Boy’s London Roundhouse show to boot).

Ville à Dômat #187: ‘Good Vibes’

Últim programa de la temporada! Tanquem per vacances fins el 4 de setembre. Divus Julius Bonasera, el mestre Bergman i La Musa acomiadaran aquesta 5na temporada amb “good vibes”.
Entrevistarem a la gent del Festival’Era. Punxarem molta música: el més nou de Kodaline, Warhaus, The xx, Wolf Alice, Rhye, Monarchy o Phoenix. A més, descobrirem a nous artistes i bandes com Felix Pallas, Sheer Mag, Zola Blood, Rat Boy, The Night Café o Hero Fisher. Parlarem també del FIB Benicàssim Festival i del BAU Talent Visions a Palo Alto.
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Ville à Dômat: Good Vibes

Ville à Dômat #186: ‘Better Than Ever’

Dedicarem una part del programa a parlar del Festival Cruïlla que aquesta setmana té lloc a Barcelona. Parlant de festivals el mestre Bergman entrevistarà a Ton Gras, road mànager del Primavera Sound Festival i us explicarem el millor del Vida Festival. Analitzarem el disc del gran reclam del Festival Cruïlla: Jamiroquai. Divus Julius Bonasera estrenarà el més nou de St. Vincent, Arcade Fire, Childhood, The National o Baio i us descobrirem com és habitual noves bandes: Pressyes, NoMBe, courtship., Alien Tango o Manchester Orchestra. A més, tota la info sobre el Barcelona Festival of Song i de les Nits d’estiu de CaixaForum
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Ville à Dômat: Better Than Ever