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Shopping es va formar a principis de 2013 abraçant el post punk dels 70 amb una voracitat que poques vegades es veu en aquests dies, evocant l’agressió de Gang of Four, l’udol voraç de The Slits i l’empenta dance de Delta 5 i ESG. El seu primer LP al seu propi segell MILK al Regne Unit, va vendre els seus 1.000 unitats en tan sols uns mesos. El Segon, Why Choice, va ser llançat aFat Cat Records a tot el món a l’octubre de 2015 i també es va esgotar en un mes. Els concerts de Shopping -com a teloners d’ESG i Gang Of Four i a festivals com End of the Road i ATP són increïblement divertits i innegablement emocionants. Pel seu esperat tercer àlbum The Official Body, Shopping s’han associat amb la llegenda de l’indie pop i l’innovador Edwyn Collins. Aquesta nit en concert a Razzmatazz.


Music by Bergman: Kamasi Washington

Cita obligada amb el saxofonista de Los Angeles Kamasi Washington, un dels jazzmen de capçalera per tota una generació, col·laborador clau de Kendrick Lamar al premiat ‘To Pimp a butterfly’ (2015) i que va debutar en solitari amb el mastodòntic ‘The Epic’ (2015). Ara torna a Barcelona per presentar ‘Heaven and earth’ (2018), el seu esperat nou disc, que publicarà al juny; una nova mostra de jazz brillant barrejat amb diferents expressions de la música negra; hip hop, funk, soul i sons africans. Tonight at Razzmatazz.

Favourite Gig: Editors

 Editors will play today at Razzmatazz  their new album, Violence. the British outfit’s sixth album overall.

The record follows 2015’s well-received self-produced effort, In Dream. As signaled by the lead track “Magazine”, Violence finds Editors taking their dark wave rock towards a poppier sound. Some of that is likely the result of working with a producer whom the band had never met — not even during the recording process. After writing the majority of the album in an old cow shed near Oxford, UK, they began collaborating remotely with Benjamin John Power, aka Blanck Mass, leading to some unexpected shifts in style.

Divus Julius presents…Sleaford Mods

The duo from Nottingham of singer and founder Jason Williamson and musician Andrew Fearn (who joined in 2012) excel at expressing the raw emotions of the most jaded working class, thanks to their nihilistic and raging catharsis that comes out of the UK and under the post-punk banner. Their lyrics speak of masculinity and weakness, of professional liars and the great rock and roll swindle. They present their latest album, ‘English Tapas’ (2017) tonight at Razzmatazz.

Divus Julius presents…Benjamin Clementine

British songwriter, pianist, and singer with an intense voice Benjamin Clementine grew up reading the poetry of William Blake and TS Eliot, but what changed his life was the keyboard one of his siblings bought for him, and discovering musicians from Erik Satie to Antony & The Johnsons. His debut, ‘At Least for Now’ (2015), won the prestigious Mercury Prize for Best Album in 2015. Now he presents his much-anticipated second album, ‘I Tell a Fly’ (2017), a work inspired by the idea of an alien or foreign being with extraordinary abilities that could be he himself. Tonight at Razzmatazz.

Le Classique: Texas

Scottish band Texas, fronted by Sharleen Spiteri, have been playing together around the world for 25 years, and they’re still going and in great form. Proof is their new album, ‘Jump on Board’ (2017), which they present tonight in Barcelona, along with great hits from over the years such as ‘Summer Son’ and ‘Say What You Want’. The lead single from the new album, ‘Let’s Work It Out’, promises to surpass expectations for fans of the band that’s sold more than 35 million albums around the globe. Avui en concert a sala Razzmatazz.