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Ohtis’ new album Curve of Earth is a reunion record for the band and tells the tale of songwriter Sam Swinson’s autobiographical journey through indoctrination and addiction. Each song an endlessly inviting confession from his past battles with substance abuse and the religious demons lingering from his upbringing in a fundamentalist evangelical cult.

Ohtis formed when Swinson and co-founder Adam Pressley were sophomores at high school in Normal, Illinois. Sam would ride his bike over to Adam’s house where they made experimental folk music with primitive home-recording gear. Their partnership has defined Ohtis, accompanied by a revolving cast of local musicians joining the live act over the years including rejoining mainstay member and multi-instrumentalist Nate Hahn.

Curve of Earth – it’s a piece of beautifully dark country-Americana with Swinson’s vivid lyricism at the heart of it. Just listen to “Runnin’”, a song born from all their experiences; elegant country music based on pure honesty and direct communication.