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Music by Bergman: Desperate Journalist

The fourth Desperate Journalist album was shaped by a desire to “create something a bit more kaleidoscopic and varied in tone and texture” than their earlier work. The post-punk London quartet have more or less achieved this with Maximum Sorrow!, which wears its pop culture influences on its sleeve to winning effect.

Productora de Pardals: She-Devils

Mestre Bergman went to Montreal to meet this young new band. She-Devils are a duo who’ve been playing quite a bit this winter; Kyle plays and manipulates samples while Audrey Ann sings. Audrey Ann’s powerful, romantic lyrics of love, touch, waiting and loss ring clear through the haze of finger-picked acoustic guitars, oscillations and bass synthesizers, bringing to mind the brooding, dark croon of Siouxie & the Banshees mixed with the grooving lo-fi art sampling of Boards of Canada and Japanther. If you took away the samples, amazing, heartfelt classical ballads would remain.