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Ville à Dômat #195: ‘There is no place like…”

There is no place like… Ville à Dômat
Demà dues hores de la més actual música indie. Punxarem el més nou de Shout Out Louds, Weezer ,Rhye, Ezra Furman, Sunflower Bean i Shamir. Us presentarem a artistes novells com ShitKid, Phobophobes, Superorganism, Mansionair, Smerz o ShitKid, Phobophobes, Superorganism, Mansionair, Smerz o Blushes.  A més, tota la info sobre els concerts de la setmana: Jungle , Aldous Harding ,Saint-Étienne o Inheaven.
Divus Julius Bonasera entrevistarà a la gent del Festival El Més Petit de Tots. També us informarem sobre l’ l’Alternativa, Festival de Cine Independent de Barcelona, el MIRA Festival i de l’exhibició de Game of Thrones Exhibition.
Monday 100.5FM from 7PM to 9PM Radio Ciutat Vella.
There is no place like Ville à Dômat

The muses of La Musa: Smerz

Henriette and Catharina met at school in Oslo, but it was not until they moved to Copenhagen to study music that their friendship became a sound entente. They soon left university to devote themselves 100% to their passion and it has gone well for them, so much so that this summer they announced that they had signed to XL Recordings, for whom they are preparing a second EP that will consolidate their personal vision of ambient techno with a modern R&B groove. Hits such as Oh My My, on which they sing about “basic bitch problems” are cool, pared-back with Scandinavian-detachment overtones.

Ville à Dômat #193: ‘La Quadratura del cercle’

En temps confusos, en temps de revolta nosaltres resolem “la quadratura del cercle”. Aquest dilluns ho explicarem tot sobre l’ In-Edit Festival, el festival de cine de documentals musicals i de l’ AMFest, el festival musical instrumental. Punxarem el més nou d’ MGMT ,Ezra Furman o Low Island i us presentarem un estol de noves bandes: Smerz, Blood Cultures, Yonaka o Artificial Pleasure i nous artistes: Matt Maltese, Gabriel Garzón-Montano o Yellow Days.  A més, escoltarem el nou hit dels !!! (Chk Chk Chk) que faran el concert de la setmana. Entrevistem a Jordi Vilanova que ens ajudarà a analitzar la preocupant situació que viu el nostre país.
Dilluns de 19h a 21h 100.5FM Radio Ciutat Vella
Ville à Dômat: La Quadratura del Cercle

Primavera Club 2017

In the face of uncertainty: music. Primavera Club celebrates live music and does so from its strongest vantage point: the future. Over three days, from Friday 20th to Sunday 22nd October, more than 40 artists will perform on the stages of several venues in Barcelona and Madrid during the festival of musical discoveries Primavera Club.

For the first time and on our stages you will be able to see artists including Amber Coffman (ex Dirty Projectors), Superorganism (who according to the predictions of the British press, are set to be a favourite at festival season 2018), Yellow Days, the unapologetic Starcrawler, Moor Mother, Intana, Smerz, Medalla and Gabriel Garzón-Montano, all whom step by step are laying claim to their place on the future scene. Although, as at every edition, the real revelations will come when least expected.

In Barcelona the special attraction will be the chance to see the remodelled La [2] de Apolo for the first time, where some of the festival’s concerts will be held only a few days before its official inauguration. Also, for the second consecutive year the Centre Cultural Albareda will host the free weekend daytime concerts, which will include concerts by artists from here (Marina Herlop, Cor Blanc) and there (Camila Fuchs, RAKTA)

Full festival tickets for Primavera Club 2017 are still on sale at 25€, while day tickets cost 15€. Let the music play!