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Divus Julius presents: Bonobo

Simon Green, aka Bonobo, is one of the most widely played producers on the planet. He was a key catalyst in the downtempo electronica scene that rose up in the late 1990s, at the time when Air’s Moon Safari was in the Top 10 Charts.But he stood above the rest, and over a decade later, his jazz-inflicted, upbeat tempo has evolved since his Animal Magic album days. 

On January 14, L.A.-based electronic artist Bonobo will share his seventh studio album Fragments. The project was announced this month with “Rosewood,” a groovy and orchestral deep house cut, and his latest track “Tides” takes things a little more pensive. Jamila Woods, the Chicago experimental soul musician behind 2019’s Legacy, Legacy, finds the ebb and flow of the beat immediately and delivers a gentle yet cathartic performance.


Delaporte is a Spanish and Italian electronic music band based in Madrid, created by Sandra Delaporte and Sergio Salvi. Both of them come form a strong background in Madrid’s funk, soul, R&B, and jazz scenes, an together they’ve decided to carve out their own path in the music world. After launching a few covers in Youtube, they were ready to unleash their own style,  which encompasses sonic flavors from Bomba Estéreo and Nicola Cruz, to Jamie XX and Charli XCX. This year they’ve released their debut album: Como anoche. Tonight in concert at Sala Apolo.