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Introducing…Vanishing Twin

The London band Vanishing Twin, one of the latest projects of the singer and multi-instrumentalist Cathy Lucas, uses sounds from outside the usual pop vocabulary. Forgotten rhythm machines, handmade electronic devices, vibraphones, tablas and harps combine to offer melodies which evoke an esoteric journey. Considered one of the most stimulating present-day bands in the United Kingdom, they are on the same wave as other groups such as Stereolab or Broadcast. They will play today in Barcelona with The Age of Immunology under their arm, their latest work released last June.

Best Covers: JC Flowers “China Girl”

Delightful indie-jangle-noise-pop from JC Flowers on ATP Recordings. Flowers feature members from Cop, Advert and Novella, this is the DIY supergroup that the lo-fi fraternity have been waiting for. Mastery of melody, junkshop acoustics, sweet reverb kissed pop music in the Stereolab, Pastels, Teenage Fanclub, Tenniscoats mould. Also features a right-on cover of Bowie’s ‘China Girl’.There’s little of their artful understatement that actually lingers in the memory (a breezy cover of Bowie’s China Girl aside), much less that cuts directly through to the heart.

La foscor de The KVB

The KVB és el projecte personal de Nick Wood, al qual es va sumar posteriorment la teclista Kat Day, que navega entre les aigües de la darkwave, el kraut rock, el post punk i l’electrònica. Han treballat amb Anton Newcombe de The Brian Jonestown Massacre i Joe Dilworth (Stereolab) i en poc més de tres anys han gravat dos àlbums i diversos EPs en els quals desafien estils i influències i aconsegueixen patentar un so propi basat en els sintetitzadors. Els londinencs seran aquesta nit a La2 de l’Apolo.