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4Ever Songs: Stevie Wonder “Superstition”

“Superstition,” the song that returned Stevie Wonder to chart supremacy, could’ve been a Jeff Beck song. Beck, the UK blues-rock guitar wizard, admired Wonder’s music, and he wanted to work with him. So they came up with a deal: Beck would come in and play some guitar on Wonder’s album if Wonder would write a song for him. One day, Wonder and Beck were fooling around in the studio, and Beck started playing a beat on the drums. Wonder told him to keep doing it, and then he began improvising on a Hohner Clavinet, a sort of electronic harpsichord that would let you phase back and forth. That’s when Wonder came up with the “Superstition” riff and some of the song’s lyrics. That day, Wonder and Beck recorded a demo of “Superstition,” and Beck was all set to cover it and release it as a single. But Berry Gordy was not going to let that happen.

Qui són King Khan and The Shrines?

King Khan és un tio extrany, És un negre de Montreal que canta un soul psicodèlic i garatger irresistible vestit –o desvestit– com si pertanyés a una tribu de l’Amazones o estigués a punt per començar un ritual vudú. Membre del duo de rock de garatge The King Khan & BBQ Show, el rei del soul del Quebec arriba Barcelona com a plat especial i obertura del Powder Room, les sessions de música negra dels dijous a l’Apolo. Acompanyat per The Shrines, una formació –amb secció de vents inclosa– de músics que han tocat amb gent com Stevie Wonder o Ike & Tina Turner, King Khan presentarà les cançons del seu nou àlbum, ‘What Is!?’ (2007), editat al segell de Frankfurt Hazelwood Records (res a veure amb Lee Hazlewood, R.I.P.). M.S

Best Covers: Aldous RH ‘My Cherie Amour’

The musician has played with everyone from Charlotte Gainsbourg to Hudson Mohawke, and even hosts his own show on digital radio station NTS. The songwriter’s own music has a cult following of its own. New cut ‘Sensuality’ was laid down in Los Angeles, and it’s a step forward from those early lo-fi affairs. The single’s B-side track, a lovely cover of the Stevie Wonder classic ‘My Cherie Amour’. It’s yet another smooth grooving slice of lovin’ soulfulness filtered through Aldous’ bedsit luxe aesthetic.



Les versions d’il Dottore: Jack White ‘You Are The Sunshine Of My Life’

il Dottore ens sorprèn amb una divertidíssima i actual versió de Jack White de la cançó de Stevie Wonder You Are The Sunshine Of My Life’. Amb aquesta  cançó el cantant cec aconseguí un Grammy i el exlíder de The White Stripes la versiona acompanyat de tota la família Muppets. Jack White l’ha publicat en el seu segell en format set polzades .