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Ville à Dômat #152: Pulsions Estètiques

Pulsions estètiques sentirem avui a Ville à Dômat amb el més nou de Kasabian, Temples, Hope Sandoval & the Warm Inventions, Frank Ocean, Bearoid, C. Duncan, Radiohead i molts altres. Divus Julius Bonasera entrevistarà els Beady Belle. Tot sobre els concerts aquesta setmana de Nothing, Fear of Men, Beacon i Stornoway. La Musa ens descubrirà a Pavvla i ens informarà sobre Rueda. Festival Internacional De Cinema Ciclista. El mestre Bergman analitzarà la música de Whitney, Glass Animals i The Growlers. A més, celebrarem el 16è aniversari de Razzmatazz i el 15è de Foehn Records repassant els cartells dels seus esdeveniments.
Dilluns 100.5FM Radio Ciutat Vella
From 6.30pm to 9pm
Ville à Dômat: Pulsions Estètiques

Best Covers: Stornoway “The Only Way Is Up”

Stornoway are a British alternative indie folk band from the Cowley area of Oxford. It consists of singer, lyricist, and guitarist Brian Briggs; keyboard player Jon Ouin, bassist Oli Steadman and his brother Rob Steadman on drums. Their sound incorporates an ever-changing selection of stringed instruments and keyboards, supported by a typical pop backline of guitar, drums, and bass guitar. They cover the Yazz late-80’s dancefloor anthem “The Only Way Is Up”.  The song originally started life in 1980 as a single by soul singer Otis Clay, with a funky,disco-influenced sound. The Yazz version, a poppy take on the acid house sound that was emerging at the time, was a *huge* omnipresent hit in 1988, the second best selling song of the whole year in the UK and massive across the rest of Europe. And then, 27 years later, new life is breathed into it by a folk-and-ornithology-influenced band from Oxford. And the song breathes.