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Music by Bergman: Gang of Youths

Mestre Bergman intoduces a brand new Australian band: Gang Of Youths. Music should bring perspective to life, and Australian quintet Gang Of Youths has turned into a phenomenon back home with this approach. They first made waves with 2013’s “Evangelists,” which set the stage for their full-length debut album, “The Positions”, which received acclaim internationally from The Guardian, Stereogum, Rolling Stones Australia, and more as the band supported the likes of Vampire Weekend, Sky Ferreira, Foster The People and Manchester Orchestra on the road. It’s all because “The Positions” examines one of life’s darkest realities with unmitigated and unwavering honesty: the illness of singer David Leaupepe’s girlfriend at that time, when he was 19. He then just started writing some songs for her to listen to in the hospital. They went to record the album in New York with producer Kevin McMahon (Swans, Rhett Miller, Titus Andronicus), and it came out as a document not only told the story of his now ex-wife’s bout with the disease, but the simultaneous disintegration of their relationship. A truly emotional and life-affirming experience. Today at Primavera Sound.

Swans: minimalisme sorollós

A uns dies de que aparegui “To Be Kind”, el tretzè àlbum d’estudi de la banda americana Swans, surten a la llum les dates de presentació del disc al nostre país. El proper octubre el grup liderat per Michael Gira recalarà a Madrid, Barcelona i Durango per desplegar aquest remolí sonor que ha fet de Swans un dels combos experimentals més influent de les últimes dècades. “To Be Kind” segueix la línia dels seus treballs més recents, obres denses amb temes de minutatge generós i peces on el minimalisme i el noise es fonen. Entre els col·laboradors del disc destaquen St. Vincent, Julia Kent, Bill Rieflin o Little Annie. Les vetllades les obrirà Pharmakon, el projecte de la novaiorquesa Margaret Chardiet, que als seus intensos directes es debat entre el death, la música industrial i el noise més electrònic.