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Divus Julius presents…Arlie

Arlie, the band, came together on Vanderbilt campus in 2016. Their early singles “Big Fat Mouth” and “Didya Think” gained traction on Spotify’s curated indie playlists. And now, to much anticipation, the band has released its first EP. They call it “Wait.”

There’s something very “Vampire Weekend” about Arlie’s “Wait.” A band of recent college graduates releasing a debut project both technically mature and unabashedly youthful. Yet, where Vampire Weekend revels in its own Ivy League preppiness, Arlie projects a more playful, summery image of young adulthood. The result is an album that alludes just as much to The Beatles and The Beach Boys as it does to Arlie’s contemporary indie counterparts.


Music by Bergman: The Magic Gang 

South coast heroes The Magic Gang have released their debut album. The band are a potent live force, while a flurry of singles have perfectly outlined their art-rock manifesto.

The Magic Gang are a Brighton four-piece apparently weaned on Norman Blake’s aforementioned group, Weezer, The Beach Boys, The Beatles and the recently departed London duo Ultimate Painting. The best thing about their self-titled debut might be their four-part harmonies: a raggle-taggle chorus full of personality.

Music by Bergman: Papooz

Papooz popped up in the spring of 2015, playing smooth melodies and rhythms that swayed the hips with a pop spirit tinged with an exotic je ne sais quoi. Hailing from Paris, Ulysse and Armand both grew up with music from the 70s, digging in their parents’ record collections from The Beach Boys to The Velvet Underground. They became inseparable friends, both keen on music. They called themselves Papooz because they liked the way it sounded, along with the tropical tone in it and the recollection of a Native American tribe’s cradle.  Parisian singer-songwriters Armand and Ulysse lead the band with their high, soft, feminine voices front and centre on the group’s Fall 2016 debut album ‘Green Juice’.

L’hypnophobic Jacco Gardner

L’holandès Jacco Gardner, músic de pop barroc i neo-psicodèlia, que crea un so únic combinant els sons de clavicordi, cordes, flautes i altres instruments clàssics, torna a la ciutat per defensar el seu segon disc, ‘Hypnophobia’ (2015), que agafa el relleu del seu magnífic debut, ‘Cabinet of curiosities’ (2013), i on torna a deixar clares les seves influències: Syd Barret, Kevin Ayers, The Left Banke, The Zombies, The Beach Boys o Curt Boettcher.

L’acompanyarà com a teloner el valencià Ramírez que presentarà el seu disc de debut. Avui al Marula Cafè.