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Best Covers: Blossoms ‘Paperback Writer‘

Blossoms have shared their cover of The Beatles’ ‘Paperback Writer‘ from self-isolation following on from their recent version of Frank Ocean’s ‘Lost’.

The five-piece filmed the harmonious cover from their individual homes and the result is incredibly special. The Stockport band’s take on the 1966 classic from The Fab Four is up there as the finest cover we’ve been treated to over the last few weeks as artists try to keep busy.

Divus Julius presents: Oscar Lang

Oscar Lang is an 18-year-old living in London. He began writing music in 2011 at age 11, but only properly started writing as ‘pig’ in 2016. Since then, he has released two self-produced albums, Teenage Hurt and Silk, on Spotify. Teenage Hurt, Lang’s first album, took almost two years to complete. According to Oscar, the record is “a weird mix of songs” he’d written over a long span of time.

Oscar Lang presents a change in his mew single ‘Flowers,’ a song that is like  to blend a mix of the old Beatles-esque psychedelia and a modern sound,

Divus Julius presents…Arlie

Arlie, the band, came together on Vanderbilt campus in 2016. Their early singles “Big Fat Mouth” and “Didya Think” gained traction on Spotify’s curated indie playlists. And now, to much anticipation, the band has released its first EP. They call it “Wait.”

There’s something very “Vampire Weekend” about Arlie’s “Wait.” A band of recent college graduates releasing a debut project both technically mature and unabashedly youthful. Yet, where Vampire Weekend revels in its own Ivy League preppiness, Arlie projects a more playful, summery image of young adulthood. The result is an album that alludes just as much to The Beatles and The Beach Boys as it does to Arlie’s contemporary indie counterparts.

Music by Bergman: The Magic Gang 

South coast heroes The Magic Gang have released their debut album. The band are a potent live force, while a flurry of singles have perfectly outlined their art-rock manifesto.

The Magic Gang are a Brighton four-piece apparently weaned on Norman Blake’s aforementioned group, Weezer, The Beach Boys, The Beatles and the recently departed London duo Ultimate Painting. The best thing about their self-titled debut might be their four-part harmonies: a raggle-taggle chorus full of personality.

Favourite Gig: Jake Bugg

El britànic Jake Bugg, ha construït una sòlida carrera que va començar als 12 anys quan va aprendre a tocar la guitarra. Inspirat per artistes com Don McLean, Johnny Cash o The Beatles, va començar un parell d’anys després a compondre els seus propis temes. Ara, amb només 23 anys i després d’estar nominat al Mercury Music Prize i als Brits, defensa el seu quart disc, ‘Hearts that strain’ (2017), una nova mostra del seu pop rock de guitarres.

Hit of the week: The Molochs ‘No More Crying’

Hailing from LA, The Molochs are a 60’s-inspired garage pop band. They have released the single, ‘No More Crying’ which, with its twangy pop guitar, lively beat and sunshine vocals recmind of the Yardbirds, with tinges of The Beatles,’I Feel Fine’ mixed in.  It’s a bouncy, addictive and superbly dance-worthy track that surges into your head with rocking guitars and a driving harmonica steering the way.