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Hit of the week: The Avalanches “Subways’

The Avalanches are wasting no time pumping out new material now that they’ve finally completed their endlessly awaited second album Wildflower. Today, you can add the hypnotically smooth ‘Subways’ to the list.

Though there are no guest appearances on the track, the vocals come right from Chandra’s 1980 funk-punk track of the same name. While the original song is a bit of an abrasive, cheeky number, layering the lyrics over a sample of Graham Bonnet’s cover of The Bee Gees’ “Warm Ride” turns them into a summery dream. The track feels more suited for a ride on an over-street transit at sunset than the subterranean transportation of its name, which is just perfect as we finally roll into a new season.The track follows previous singles ‘Frankie Sinatra’, ‘If I Was A Folk Star’ and our favorite of the batch, Colours’.