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Best Covers: The Shain’s ‘Los Chicos No Lloran’

Los Shains were, along with pioneers Los Saicos and Los Yorks, the most crude bands in Peruvian garage. The Munster label reissues the debut album of the Lima sextet, an album with a genuine adolescent spirit and surfer guitars that remains one of the most addictive artifacts of 1960s Latin American rocknroll.  They cover The Cure’s massive hit ‘Boys Don’t Cry.’

Music by Bergman: Desperate Journalist

The fourth Desperate Journalist album was shaped by a desire to “create something a bit more kaleidoscopic and varied in tone and texture” than their earlier work. The post-punk London quartet have more or less achieved this with Maximum Sorrow!, which wears its pop culture influences on its sleeve to winning effect.

Hit of The Week: CHVRCHES “How Not to Drown” 

Scottish electro-pop trio CHVRCHES are releasing a new album, Screen Violence, on August 27 via Glassnote. On Tuesday they shared a new song from it, “How Not to Drown,” which features Robert Smith of The Cure. Now the band has shared a video for the song. The atmospheric video features both the band and Smith. Scott Kiernan directed the video. 

4Ever Songs: The Cure ‘Just Like Heaven’

Despite their post-punk beginnings and their goth visuals, The Cure actually wrote some of the world’s most iconic pop songs. During the eighties, Robert Smith and the band delivered an array of perfect material destined to make the mixtapes of all who heard them.

The track was written in 1987 and released on Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me seeing the band become more popular than ever across the globe. However, the foundations of the track come from a little closer to home and show off just how illustrative a writer Robert Smith is.

‘Just Like Heaven’ was The Cure’s eleventh top 40 hit in the UK, staying n the charts for five weeks during October and November 1987, peaking at number 29. 

Best Covers: Ibibio Sound Machine ‘A Forest’

The London based Ibibio Sound Machine specializes in a heady, intoxicating afro funk that redefines world music and gives it a fresh twist. Their record, Eyio, is a four song EP that features three fine originals an impressive, out of this world cover of The Cure‘s classic song, “A Forest.” It’s probably one of the finest covers of a Robert Smith song you’ll ever hear, one that leaves you wanting to hear it again and again and again, thanks in part to the band’s groove and the gorgeous vocals of Eno Williams.

Music by Bergman: Underwater Boys

The brother duo craft blissed out guitar-pop that combines kaleidoscopic riffs, fuzzy hooks and woozy vocals, recalling Cocteau Twins, Beach House, The Cure and Tame Impala among others.

Hazy psych-pop ditty ‘Everyone You Know’ makes for the perfect introduction to Tom and Nick Klar’s world; a dreamy opening gambit that juxtaposes poignant lyrics with an ethereal backdrop.

With the debut offering from the band out now via Cannibal Hymns (alongside the equally strong B-side ‘Bye & Bye’), we caught up with frontman Tom Klar to talk all things Underwater Boys.