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Music by Bergman: Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever

Rolling Blackouts CF, as they are sometimes known, as if they were a sports team, did a test “Find out what guitar band you would be” and they got The Go-Betweens. They did it again and the result was The Bats. And the third time, The Chills. Being indie in the antipodes was too heavy. They were never going to be The Feelies, although they strum 6, 12 and even 18 strings with the same gusto and a skilful right hand. Anyway, the Melbourne quintet was happy with the other results. Jangle, kiwi, indie… they feel represented by all of these pop traditions. Although this is, in fact, straight up pop. Because Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever remind us that it is called pop because “music that makes you walk through life with a smile on your face, thinking that everything will be all right” is far too long.

Primavera al Raval #Saturday

Meitat dels herois del pop australià The Go-Betweens, Robert Forster defensa el seu últim àlbum ‘Songs to play’ (2016) i encapçala aquesta segona jornada de concerts gratis del Primavera al Raval, la programació musical de franc i diürna del Primavera Sound al CCCB, on s’instal·laran tres escenaris (plaça Joan Coromines, Sala Teatre i Pati de les dones) pels quals gairebé 70 artistes i grups. També destaca al cartell el duo Die Katapult, amb membres de Neleonard i Los Ganglios, que al seu debut ‘Kristall Reinheit’ facturen un infal·lible krautpop electrònic de baixa fidelitat cantat en alemany. Completen el cartell els pioners del dreampop A.R. Kane, que es barrejaran amb joves promeses com Alex G i sons actuals de l’escena underground com Old King Cole Younger. La representació local i estatal es completa amb Invisible Harvey, els canaris Pumuky i els saragossans My Expansive Awareness.