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Best Covers: Jose Gonzalez ‘Heartbeats’

Jose Gonzalez‘s stripped-down acoustic version of The Knife’s ubiquitous breakout hit allows the lyrics to take the forefront, and the crux of the song—one night of thrilling anxiety, passion, and consummation—appears as those moments often do: in slow motion. It’s an absolutely devastating interpolation of the track that strips away everything except for a voice and guitar, letting the words speak for themselves.

The muses of La Musa: Fever Ray

H bombs fall on Wanna Sip. Synthesisers imitate the buzzing noise of the projectiles at the beginning of Cry Cry Cry (first record by Fever Ray in 8 years), but the only mass destruction weapon of mass destruction is Karin Dreijer’s voice. This Swedish artist had already chewed and spat out poison on The Knife’s last record, but the exorcism comes now: on every corner of this labyrinth one hears a disturbed and disturbing shriek, on every corner another minotaur to face and overcome. A political, feminist and sexual manifesto where pop goes hand in hand with unease.

El retrofuturisme de Kate Boy

La cantant australiana Kate Akhurst i el col·lectiu de  productors suecs Rocket Boy —Hampus Nordgren, Oskar Sikow Engström i Markus Dextegen— són Kate Boy, que van debutar el 2012 amb l’EP Northern Light, amb un so retrofuturista en la línia Fever Ray/The Knife, Trust o Purity Ring. El seu primer àlbum, One, publicat per Fiction (The Cure, Tame Impala, White Lies, Spector, Yeah Yeah Yeahs) els dóna un aire més techno-pop, lluminós i proper a la pista de ball. Avui a la sala Razzmatazz.