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Best Covers: Royal Blood ‘Roxanne’

UK’s  Royal Blood are purveyors of a frills-free, unequivocally boisterous hybrid of garage and modern rock. It’s a mighty sound that in many ways is an antithesis of The Police, who presented a more nuanced amalgamation of reggae, new wave, and jazz. Yet for whatever reason, the Brighton-based duo chose to pay tribute to their fellow countrymen by covering Sting and co.’s 1978 smash single “Roxanne”

4Ever Songs: The Police ‘Roxanne’

Sting wrote this classic and co-produced it with the other member of The Police. Roxanne” can be found on the band’s “Outlandos d’Amour” album. In April of 1978, “Roxanne” became the first of three singles the album spawned.

This working girl inspired song went down history as one of the greatest songs ever created. For example, on Rolling Stone‘s 2010 updated list of the “500 Greatest Songs of All Time”, it was placed at the 388th position.

“Roxanne” gave The Police a top-40 hit in more than six countries. Among the aforementioned countries include U.K., New Zealand and the U.S.A. In UK, it peaked at position 12 on their official singles charts. In New Zealand, it reached 8 whereas in the United States, it reached a modest positon of 32.

Le Classique: Fisher-Z “So Long”

Jo, en Mariscal Mauro a finals dels anys 70 al bell mig de l’esclat de la newwave vaig descobrir una banda que em fascinà. El seu nom era Fisher-Z i el seu fundador, cantant, líder i alma màter era John Watts.  Aquest era tot un personatge misteriós. Apartat del nihilisme de l’època era una persona força ilustrada però esquiva. El seu so tenia certa semblança amb The Police amb alguns detalls dels Talking Heads tot i que la especial veu de Watts els dotava de transcendència.  A més, les lletres tenien un contingut polític revindicatiu. Tres meravellosos discs, una curta carrera d’apenes uns cinc anys i un estol de meravelloses cançons com “Remember Russia”, “The Worker”, “Marlene”, “Berlin”, “Room Service” o el nostre Classique: “So Long“. Tot i la seva qualitat Fisher-Z ha estat una de les bandes més oblidades de la new-wave.