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Music by Bergman: The Proper Ornaments

The Proper Ornaments have just released their second full album, Foxhole. The London-based band are comprised of Veronica Falls’ James Hoare and TOY’s recent addition Max Oscarnold. Foxhole is a follow-up to their first release in 2014, entitled Wooden Head, and working in a similar vein, this new album showcases Hoare’s knack for ‘60s pop songwriting but with cleaner, piano-based accompaniment. This was achieved using self-imposed limitations; “doing [the album] on an 8 track… gives the songs a more sparse sound.”

Here, The Proper Ornaments are now refining and exacting their process, both as composers and musicians. The resultant feel is more of gentle, resigned melancholy rather than the upbeat power pop of their previous release.




Ville à Dômat #166: “Indie Is Not A Genre”

Tornem un dilluns més amb la millor i més actual música del moment. Ens farem ressò del retorn dels Gorillaz, Spoon i Arcade Fire. Seguirem repassant el disc de The xx i us descobrirem a Zuzu, Cherry Glazerr, The Magic Gang i Abra entre d’altes. També estrenarem el més nou de CocoRosie, Dirty Projectors o Ten Fé. Divus Julius Bonasera entrevistarà a la gent d’ Artig Gallery, la galeria pionera amb art online. El mestre Bergman analiztarà el més nou de Foxygen i The Proper Ornaments. A més, parlarem de la pel·lícula del moment: La La Land
Dilluns 100.5 de 7 a 9PM Radio Ciutat Vella
Ville à Dômat: Indie Is Not A Genre