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Music by Bergman: Tim Burgess

Tim Burgess inherited Mick Jagger’s rock & roll swagger and big lips before Oasis’ Liam Gallagher became famous for them. When Burgess debuted with his group The Charlatans in the late ‘80s, he looked and sounded almost interchangeable with many of the Manchester, England artists at the time but by embracing other musical styles and moving forward, he has actually outlived his contemporaries. 

The Charlatans released their 12th album, Modern Nature, in 2015 and Burgess returned to his solo career, releasing a mix album called Tim Burgess Presents

Set for release on 23rd September via Bella Union, Tim Burgess has announced his new album ‘Typical Music’.

Music by Bergman: The Lathums

The Lathums are a rising four-piece indie band hailing from Wigan in the North West of England. The band met at music college in Pemberton after their tutor placed them in the same project group. The Lathums garnered early praise from the likes of Paul Weller, Elton John and Tim Burgess, scoring a Top 20 EP with The Memories We Make,

The indie-rockers have secured a UK number one with their debut album How Beautiful Life Can Be.