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The muses of La Musa: Torres

The Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter otherwise known as Mackenzie Scott waits until anything—an idea, an emotion, a memory—gnaws at her, tearing at her fingers and throat until she releases it in song. 

Torres is quickly following up the release of last year’s Silver Tongue with a new album called Thirstier. Ahead of the LP’s July 30th release via Merge Records, she’s today unveiling the first single, “Don’t Go Puttin Wishes in My Head”.

Productora de Pardals: Torres

With only one album recorded under the name Torres and a concept of rock that is raw and desperately intense, Mackenzie Scott has managed to become one of the rough diamonds of the new American scene. Put in the league of the PJ Harvey of “Rid Of Me”, with whom she shares a highly explosive vision of song-rock, this Nashville artist follows in the footsteps of artists such as Scout Niblett, getting the most out of the least and armed on many occasions with nothing but her voice and her guitar, she stirs up indie with confessions and pulsating electricity.

Millor artista debutant de 2013: TORRES

Torres és el projecte personal de Mackenzie Scott, cantautora de Nashville que segueix l’estela fosca i profunda de P.J. Harvey. Un so lo-fi ple de cançons atmosfèriques amb una gran intensitat emocional tot esquitxat d’una gran delicadesa. El disc fou gravat a Lousiana en només cinc dies per aquesta cantant de 22 anys. En el disc homònim hi trobem un grapat de bones cançons com Honey Mother Earth, Mother God i de petites joies com Don’t run away, Emilie. Aquest 2014 el nom de Torres trepitjarà ben fort.