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Music by Bergman: TR/ST

Four years after their last album Joyland, Ontario’s dark electro pop group TR/ST has returned with a new single and forthcoming LP and according to founder Robert Alfons, the new project will be darker and more dramatic than any of their previous work.

TR/ST, formerly known as Trust, began when Robert Alfons met Maya Postepski, formerly of the band Austra in 2009, with the band officially beginning in January of 2010. Their first album TRST was released in 2012 with Joyland coming just two years later.  But the Canadian-born electronic artist is making up for that interim this year with not one but two albums, both called The Destroyer,



TR/ST és el projecte musical de l’artista canadenc de Toronto Robert Alfons. Després d’alguns anys immers en una extensa gira i recollint elogis de part dels crítics de la premsa internacional més prestigiosa per ‘TRST’ (2012), el seu àlbum de debut, la seva curiosa fàbrica de hits pop plens de sintetitzadors passen per Barcelona per presentar la seva segona entrega, ‘Joyland’ (2014). Aquesta nit a la sala Razzmatazz.