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Introducing…Virginia Wing

Virginia Wing is the musical collaboration of Alice Merida Richards and Sam Pillay, formed in 2012 and currently based in Manchester. Their music is a sprawling amalgamation of experimental pop songs with texture, depth and nuance; that’s daring, progressive and forever bold. Virginia Wing make music that triangulates leftfield jazz, ashram-dwelling new age, and warm synth-pop into something that feels calm and centred.

Cathartic, abstract and certainly treading off the beaten path, the tactile trio Virginia Wing present their latest, more unruly album ‘private LIFE’, tapping into a plethora of diverse weird and wonderful influences. Armed with the same definitive peculiar expressiveness as 2018’s ‘Ecstatic Arrow’, the Manchester-based band return with a Technicolor depiction of the meaning of life. Lead single ‘I’m Holding Out For Something’ preps the palette taking a smoother dive into the worlds of electro-synth pop and R&B than its counterparts.

Productora de Pardals:: Virginia Wing

unnamedÉs ben sabut de tots que el mestre Bergman passa llargues temporades a Londres i aprofitant l’avinentesa aprofita el temps a la recerca de nous artistes i grups. Avui ens presenta a un trio del sud de Londres anomenat Virginia Wing . La banda acaba de publicar el que és el seu primer àlbum: Measures of Joy. El trio evoca paratges introspectius acompanyats d’un so dotat de tesitures electròniques i fosques que empenyen cap a atmosferes al·locinògenes.